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No Thanks

by Robbie E   November 28, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 3,081

What up, bro? Back this week and completely stuffed after an awesome Thanksgiving. It was last week but I'm still hurting, bro. Me and bigger Rob ate so much turkey it was insane. And then we had protein shakes for dessert. We were out of protein powder for the both of us so I used the last of it and just put turkey in his. Anyway, dinner was peaceful with the Robbie E fam. This week's list is the 5 people I would <b>not</b> have wanted at my Thanksgiving dinner, bro. We don't serve hamsters.

5 - ODB - I mean come on. Bringing cheap beer and peanuts to my house for dinner isn't exactly what I would call a peaceful family dinner in Jersey, my dude.

4 - EY - The husband of ODB. Well, same as her. Plus, who wants to stare at that hamster while he makes weird sounds while he eats and gets food stuck in his beard, bro. Not me or Bigger Rob. Besides, that guy always wants to talk about fishing. Bro, the beach is for looking at girls and getting girls to look at you, not standing around with a bucket of worms.

3 - Miss Tessmacher - She is too hot to be at the table for dinner. I certainly don't wanna stand up and have Grandma E see something popping out of my pants, bro.

2 - Sting - I honestly think it would just be creepy eating dinner at a table with a dude with makeup on. That guy is weird.

1 - Hulk Hogan - When I return home for the holidays I like getting all the attention from my family. The ego-driven Hulkster I'm sure would try and steal my spotlight somehow, and that's not gonna happen in my own house. So Hulkster, whatcha gonna do when you find out that you are not allowed at my Thanksgiving dinner?

Now I'm hungry again, and Bigger Rob crushed those leftovers. That's what I get for leaving him alone with the cranberry sauce. Until next week... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH! You ain't on the LIST, bro.


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