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Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from Extract Panel

by spike.com   July 25, 2009 at 3:37PM  |  Views: 201

Mike Judge takes the stage to cheers and applause, and is then followed by Jason Bateman. The Extract panel is under way. Bateman says, "Hiiiiiii!" in his best effete voice. Mila Kunis, no stranger by now to Comic-Con, also takes the stage...and she's looking pretty good.

The trailer plays and gets a great reaction from the audience. Bateman tells us that Kristen Wiig was supposed to be here but is stuck working on a movie, but that he is working on the same movie and flew at five this morning to make the panel.

Asked if Extract is a cousin to Office Space, Judge says "Yes" and recounts what it was like to go from working in a cubicle to being the boss and how difficult it was to babysit a bunch of people.

"When someone complains about how women are portrayed in something, I say everything is portrayed poorly in everything I do," Judge says of his work. And then new scenes are played. Yes!

We see the scene where Bateman's character meets Kunis' character. She pretends to flirt with him, but in fact is playing him to get into his Rolodex and find the address of an employee who lost his testicles in a factory accident and received a big settlement.

After watching a scene where Bateman and his best friend, played by Ben Affleck, hire a male prostitute to seduce Bateman's wife (which is very funny), Bateman talks about his character. He says, "He'll blow a guy's balls off, but he draws the line at that."

We're treated to another scene, this one the aftermath of the last. Bateman's character hears from the male prostitute that he successfully seduced his wife, much to Bateman's displeasure. The scene is really funny: the male prostitute is the stupidest person on earth and Bateman does a great job of playing up his frustration.

Judge talks about enjoying the opportunity to work with Ben Affleck and that he loves seeing Affleck do character parts. He says that doing this movie with him was the first time he'd met Affleck.

Bateman, in response to a question, says he enjoyed working at the bottling factory in downtown L.A. Kunis says it had no air conditioning and jokes that it was hot working with Bateman.

Bateman jokes that as an actor he's always looking for something bigger, better, saying, "We're whores." He continues, about Judge's script, saying that "good comedy feels very similar to doing good drama."

Asked about why Judge is drawn to creating stupid, dim-bulb characters in funny situations, Judge responds, "Yeah, I guess I do have a lot of dumbasses in my work." He goes on, about one smart person surrounded by many dumb people in his scripts, "Maybe that's how I feel in the world," to laughter from the audience.

Judge says that, if asked, he would play the villain in a James Bond film. He talks about Idiocracy and how Fox had told him that it was a very commercial project, though it didn't work out that way. He says most of Extract was privately financed, and that he wanted to make a movie like Office Space without interference from a studio.

"This is a return to that, workplace, character-driven stuff," Judge says. Bateman asks him why he doesn't bang out a movie every 18 months, and Judge says, "Okay."

Asked what it's like working with Kristen Wiig, Kunis responds that she's been in three movies with her but never been in the same scene or worked on the same day with her. Bateman says that after seeing pictures of Kunis, Wiig said that she was so "Goddamn pretty, I will never be in a picture or the same scene with her."

Asked what their least favorite jobs have been, Bateman says, "You all know how to access IMDb.com, right? Just go 'head and pick."

Judge, when asked, says Steven Root isn't in Extract, that he couldn't find a part for him.

Talking about his preference between live-action and animation Judge says, "When you're doing live-action everyone kisses up and kisses your ass. In animation no one really cares."

Bateman talks about the potential Arrested Development movie: "It's not dead, there's no reason to believe it's dead. ...I wouldn't be surprised if (Mitch Hurwitz) called me today and said he had the first 50 pages. ...the will is there for all of this." He says that Brian Grazer is still behind it and the studio is still behind it. "Hopefully we'll get it started in the next, I don't know, could be as early as six months, could be eighteen." He talks about the last episode dovetailing into part of what the film could be, in terms of the Funke family making a movie about itself.

It should be noted that Judge is very dry in person and surprisingly not terribly funny. He doesn't crack jokes and answers all questions directed at him in a very straight-forward manner.

Source:Michael Buckner/Getty Images