Navy SEALs vs Taliban

October 11, 2010

Beginning Assessment: America's land, sea, and air specialists that are also trained in their hand to hand close range combat. Middle East's  religious terroists fighting their own holy war. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?

Navy SEALs:

Long Range: M4 Colt Commando.

Medium Range: Sig Sauer P226.

Short Range: Recon 1 Knife.

Explosive: C4 Plastic Explosive.


Long Range: AK-47 Assualt Rifle.

Medium Range: Makarov Pistol.

Short Range: Bayonet Knife.

Explosive: PMN Land Mine.


M4 vs AK. Edge = M4 Colt Commando.

This was close, considering both have a 30 round magazine, but the Colt Commando gets the edge because it is more accurate then the AK, and packs a larger punch.

Sig Sauer vs Makarov. Edge = Sig Sauer.

The Sig Sauer is a little more accurate and it also has more rounds.

Recon vs Bayonet. Edge = Bayonet.

I love the Recon because of what Rob Roy could do to that gel torso, but I have to go with the Bayonet, mainly because it turns your gun into a bullet shooting spear.

C4 vs PMN. Edge = C4.

The C4 is a greater bomb because it can be set up and detonated and kill more people at a time where the PMN is designed to kill only one person at a time.


A large helicopter is seen dropping six Nazy SEALs on to land, where they draw their M4 colt commando's. They soon walk on, looking for any enemies that are targets on their mission. Soon, they walked into a clearing where they look up and see a large plane coming down at them. They think back to 9-11 and they scatter after shooting back up. Five men jumped out of the plane, leaving the pilot land right on top of a SEAL. Navy SEALs = 5. Taliban = 5.

As soon as the five Taliban landed and left behind their parachutes, they pick up their AK's and run for it. After reaching a small building, one turns back around and plants a PMN. Before he can move, the leader of the SEALs shot the PMN and killed him. The SEALs move forward and plant a C4 explosive on the wall. As soon as they shoot in, the Taliban run out kill one of the SEALs, but are one is blown up. Navy SEALs = 4. Taliban = 3.

A SEAL follows one of the Taliban that split up from the group, holding a recon, and stabbed the neck of him. As he set the dead body down, another Taliban came out of nowhere and shot the SEAL, flinging him away, into a dead heap. Another SEAL started running forward that was shot at but the Taliban was out of bullets. The SEAL engaged in CQD (Close Quarters Defense) and ultimately was able to pull out his sig and shoot the Taliban in the nose. Navy SEALs = 3. Taliban = 1.

The last Taliban, the leader, ran out and pulled out his makarov and shot the SEAL twice in the chest that caught him by surprise, then pulled out his bayonet and AK-47. He was able to shoot and stab another SEAL, that was too slow to reload his sig, and went looking for the last one. He found him and started chasing, but after grabbing the AK, the SEAL thrust his M4 in his enemy's stomach, and killed him at point-blank range. Navy SEALs = 1. Taliban = 0.

Navy SEALs: 683.

M4 Colt Commando: 468.

Sig Sauer P226: 162.

Recon 1 Knife: 21.

C4 Plastic Explosive: 32.

Taliban: 317.

AK-47 Assualt Rifle: 105.

Makarov Pistol: 79.

Bayonet Knife: 45.

PMN Land Mine: 58.

Ending Assessment: The Navy SEALs ability to appear any where, from the sea, from the air, gave them the ultimate win also because of their training in CQD and stealthiness.

Best Weapon: The SEALs relied mostly on their M4 Colt Commando, which scored 468 kills to the Taliban!

Worst Weapon: Unfortunately, Rob Roy's handy work did little with the Recon 1, only scoring 21 kills.