Mantenna - Thursday, April 22

April 22, 2010

Lindsay Lohan misses court again, the Coachella festival sets an attendance record, and the 2010 NFL Draft makes its primetime debut this evening...the Mantenna abides!

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Lindsay Lohan Misses Court...Again

Lindsay Lohan blew off a deposition she was scheduled to give to go shopping, and yesterday, after a wild night of boozing, LiLo blew it off again. TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was a no-show again for her deposition for hijacking a car back in 2007 and taking it on a wild joyride. The passengers of the automobile were scheduled to take Lindsay's deposition yesterday at 10 AM, but her lawyer told TMZ that Lohan couldn't get a ride until 11 AM because she's not allowed to drive due to her probation. This s**t is unreal. [TMZ]

Tiger Woods' "Top Bitch" Wants Her Own Reality Show

Months after her affair with Tiger Woods became public knowledge, Rachel Uchitel has apparently gone to various networks shopping a reality show in which men will try to win her heart. Tentatively titled "Romancing Rachel," the show plans to ask "What are men willing to do to marry a slightly damaged club promoter with no marketable skills and a sack of cash in her living room with the word 'hush money' written on it." [TMZ]

Drunk Woman Tries to Hook Up with a Younger Dude

Who among us has not had to stave off the (somewhat) unwelcome advances of a completely trashed, barely attractive female? Assuming you're familiar with that kind of situation, you'll appreciate this video from DoubleViking starring an older woman putting her unseemly moves on a slightly less intoxicated dude outside a bar. The best part is when they promise her "it'll never go on the Internet." Heh. [DoubleViking]

Coachella Festival Sets Attendance Record

Photo:Dove Shore/Getty Images

With an aggregate attendance of 225,000 over the weekend of April 16-18, Coachella hit an attendance record at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California. The record attendance is the highest since the 186,636 that attended when a reunited Rage Against the Machine headlined in 2007. Final figures are still being tallied, but Phillips says the gross will be north of $20 million. With acts like  Jay-Z, Muse, Them Crooked Vultures, Gorillaz, Phoenix, and Thom Yorke it’s kind of obvious how Goldenvoice did it. [Rock on the Streets]

Your Favorite NFL Team is About to Get Better... or Destroy Their Future Tonight

The 2010 NFL Draft has arrived and make its primetime debut this evening. With tons of intriguing storylines (*cough* Roethlisberger *cough*) this may prove to be one o the more interesting selection shows in recent memories. Will Sam Bradford be the first overall pick? Will Tim Tebow be a first round selection? Which exciting new way will Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis embarrass his franchise? Lots of exciting questions to be answered in the next 72 hours. [ESPN]

Top Gear USA Coming to History Channel (Really)

The beloved original Top Gear airs on the BBC2 in Britain with spin-offs in both Australia and Russia, but attempts to bring it to the United States have twice failed. Most recently, NBC announced it was bringing the show to network television and even shot a pilot before cutting the show, reportedly fearful over the failure of Knight Rider. The pilot starred funnyman Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust, and Eric Strommer and was apparently so bad it's never been released. Both Carolla and Strommer were dropped for this most recent version, replacing them with comedian Adam Ferrera and mostly unknown SPEED commentator Rutledge Wood. The History Channel has committed to 10 episodes of the show debuting sometime this fall with production already in motion and promises it will stay true to the Top Gear vibe that made the show so popular on the BBC. [Blog Critics]

Google Store View is Coming

It's official: Google is adding store interiors to Street View. The photographs are shot by Google photographers who work directly with the business owner to arrange a time to do the photo shoot. Along with taking pictures of layout, facilities, and merchandise, the search giant will also photograph displays on the storefront, like hours, rating decals, accessibility information, credit cards accepted, and posted menus. Next, presumably, is them photographing all humans individually for their database. [LA Long]

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