Ton And Allen Hit Hollywood

August 19, 2011
Hooray for Hollywood! That's what the Auction Hunters would be saying if they could be romanced by the glitz and the glamour of the world's entertainment capital, but that's not the case. Hunting storage auctions isn't just a hobby, it's a job. Don't get them wrong, they appreciate every one of the 2,400 plus stars on the Walk of Fame. Every one of those stars whose names appear on that sidewalk worked hard to get there, but for Ton and Allen who work just as hard, it's about making money. Let's find out if they made any this week.


Looking for their "big break," Ton and Allen brought the cash in their pockets to this Hollywood storage auction. It was a big crowd and there were only three units up for auction, so they'd have to be smart. The first unit proved to be a loser, nothing more than a $100 worth and bidding quickly climbed higher; pushing the Hunters out of reach and putting the winning bidder out of their minds to pay for such a wreck. As the Hunters approached the second and third units, they were eager to pick something up. There's nothing worse than going home empty handed, well, overpaying for a unit and getting hosed in the process, that's one thing that's worse. Luckily for them, they picked up the last two rooms for $750, a fair price; now to see what's inside.


Sold For: $4,200

Sadly, not every unit is a winner. As the boys saw during the auction, in looking at that first unit, there was NOTHING to be gained from bidding on it. However, when Allen took a look at the second unit, he saw what looked to be some cool antiques. The harsh reality though is that looks can sometimes be deceiving, and the second unit was certainly deceiving. The take home from that room: a big, fat ZERO. Still there was one more room to go, and Ton and Allen ALWAYS have faith. As they stumbled across a bag full of old bullets and we mean OLD bullets, the guys were very curious to see what if anything they belonged to, and then they found the knuckle duster. It fights, it stabs, and it shoots, or it's supposed to. Until they met up with Blaze, their gun expert, they wouldn't know for sure. Blaze was as fiery as ever as he told the story of the weapon: originally made in the1870s and used by the Apache gang that troubled Paris in the era this indeed was a find, but the bullets he admitted were VERY hard to come by. Good thing for the guys they had some. They fired up the gun, and took home a nice $4,200.


Sold For: $8,250

Artist George Rodrigue likes dogs; rather he likes "blue" dogs. Luckily for Ton and Allen so does the marketplace. When they stumbled across a signed book portraying all of Rodrigue's artwork, Allen knew they had something of value on their hands. It was worth maybe $75, but when they found a one of a kind Rodrigue painting that was confirmed as such by the book, then the Hunters REALLY had something of value. Their art dealer expert, Sandra took a look at the painting, and she knew right away that not only was it real, but that it was something she wanted. Next question: how badly did she want it? The two sides battled back and forth for what seemed like an eternity, only to finally come to an agreement: $8.250. Woof!

On Facebook this week we set these two great items up against one another. It was a hotly contested debate with the majority of you choosing the knuckle duster as the big winner. Unfortunately, looks can sometimes be deceiving and though the gun was highly valuable, nothing beats an original painting. Hats off to the blue dog.

Wow, it was not just a lucrative week for the Hunters, but a hell of a cool one as well as they picked up some great movie and Hollywood collector memorabilia. Signed posters, sealed action figures . . . you add in Blue Dog, and the knuckle duster and this really was a week to write home about. After dropping $1,050 on two rooms, the first of which was a bust, they sold their contents for $13,750 and had a take home that was equal to a king's ransom: $12,700. Hail to the king.

There's nothing wrong with being a little Hollywood, and based on their profit this week, Ton and Allen were A LOT Hollywood. Curious to see this great episode all over again? Then head over to to see this week's "Knuckle Duster," now available online. As always, stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes with your favorite 'Auction Hunters' air every Tuesday at 10PM/9c.