Fight: Jaguar vs Immortal

June 13, 2009

Fight Choreography

Jaguar vs Immortal
This battle features two Elite warriors who were shrouded in mystery and death.

The Jaguar, feared warrior of the Aztec empire who didn't just kill his enemies, he captured them so their beating hearts could be ripped from their chests and offered as sacrifice to the gods.

The Immortal, elite guard to the kings of Persia. A warrior so feared in battle that some believed him to be un-killable.

The Jaguar brings:
The Quauhololli club, the Tepoztopilli spear, the Atlatl dart thrower and the vicious Macuahuiltl.

The Immortal brings: The Akinakes short sword, the thrusting Spear, the compound Bow, and the Kopis heavy sword.

Scene 1: First Contact
A Persian Immortal with Spear and Shield in hand comes to the edge of a wide clearing surrounded by jungle. At the other end of the clearing he spots an Aztec Jaguar colorfully dressed and holding an Atlatl spear thrower.

Both warriors posture a little until the Jaguar whips a dart from his Atlatl that crashes through the Immortal's shield and hits his armor. The Immortal is knocked over but not killed.

The Immortal stands and pulls out his bow as the Jaguar reloads his Atlatl.

The Immortal unleashes a barrage of arrows that don't kill the Jaguar but force him to retreat back into the jungle.

Scene 2: The Chase
The Immortal grabs his spear and gives chase into the jungle.

The Immortal bursts through the thick foliage and comes upon the ruins of a stone city. He cautiously enters the city and looks around for the Jaguar.

Scene 3: The Charge
Suddenly, the Jaguar pounces from a hiding spot and slashes at the Immortal with his Tepoztopilli Spear. The Immortal blocks the attack with his own spear shaft, causing the Jaguar weapon to break. The Immortal then butts the Jaguar away with the spear's counterwight.

Scene 4: The Fight
The Jaguar quickly recovers and grabs his Quauhololli mace.

The persian takes a step back and thrusts with his spear, barely missing the Jaguar and embedding the blade into the stone wall behind his target.

The Jaguar disarms the Immortal from his spear, then drives him back through the ruins with several swings of his club until the two of them are in a ceremonial altar room.

The Persian dodges one more swing of the Jaguar mace before drawing his Kopis long sword and slicing the Jaguar.

The Jaguar drops his mace and retreats in pain until his back is against a sacrificial altar. The Immortal advances on him menacingly with his Kopis, but the Jaguar reaches onto the Atlar and retrieves a Macuahuiltl sword/club which he uses to bash the Immortal in the side of the head, stunning him.

Scene 5: The Finish
The Immortal drops to his knees in front of the Aztec altar and the Jaguar stands over him with the Macuahuiltl held high, ready to behead him.

Suddenly, the Immortal pulls out his Akinakes short sword and impales the Jaguar with it.

The Jaguar dies with a surprised look on his face and the Immortal stumbles out of the Aztec temple happy to be alive.