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Robbie E's Sensitive Side

by Robbie E   June 27, 2012 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 5,608

What's going on, bro? Back this week with another BroBlog.

You know, hamsters always ask me how they get on THE LIST. Well, it takes many things to get on it, but one of the most important things is knowing how to win a girl's heart, bro. Yes, I'm a player, of course, but when it comes time to romance a special girl who's more than worth it, then ya gotta know what you're doing. Having this skill is a sure thing to get you on the list to get on THE LIST (yes there is a waiting list for THE LIST). So here are...

The top 5 ways to show a girl how wonderful she is and win her heart, bro. And trust me, there are not many worth doing this for.

5. Be Yourself - Don't dress different, try and say things you wouldn't normally say or go places you wouldn't normally go. I mean, being your confident self is what a real woman wants and deserves. Be real dude... if ya gotta fart, then fart!!!

4. Compliments - Girls love to be complimented, man They love to feel good about themselves and deserve to be. If they are the one you wanna be with, man... tell a girl she looks pretty, tell her you love the way she talks or her silliness or whatever it is that made you attracted to her, dog. Bigger Rob is the best at giving compliments. They're always one word, and he has a stone face, but they're still good... Dude has a way with words. Or a way with word, I guess.

3. Spending A Night In - Hang out alone one night, watch a movie, cuddle, play around. Get to really know each other more than you think you did already. Pay attention to every word she says and stare right in her eyes as she talks. By doing this, hopefully she will realize there is no other girl in the universe that ever made you feel like this. I have gotten to step 3 numerous times and then realized the girl wasn't for me. If you get past step 3 she may be a keeper. Joseph Park has never ever been alone in a room with a girl. I really hope he is taking notes cause that over sized gerbil is constantly naggin me and Bigger Rob to get on THE LIST!!!!!

2. Party Alone - Take a risk and go somehwere with her where normally you would go in a big group. Show her that you are equivalent to a big group and that when you are together you don't need anyone else. Make her have a night she will never forget, doing absolutely nothing, but being yourself with her. If this works, then you have made it to step number 1!!!! My biggest secret that will win a girl's heart...

1. Gummy Cherries - Now this isn't something I whip out for just any girl.You must be amazing for me to splurge on the best gummy candy in the world. Sharing a bag of gummy cherries will be sure to give you both happiness.

Man, I'm good, bro... I'm like a love doctor...I'm better than Hitch, bro... Until next week....OHHHHHHHHHHHHH....YOU AIN'T ON THE LIST BRO!!!!!!!

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