Everything is Better with Beer, Even Flash Drives

October 6, 2008

CNK Promotions has taken wacky hard drives to a new, wetter level with liquid-filled promotional USB flash drives.  If you have a logo and a use for 250, 128MB - 8GB, liquid-filled flash drives, you are in in luck, sir or madame. There's just a few problems, though.

One, is that this might not be the best drive to take to work.  And, I don’t really know where else you would go that you’d need a flash drive.  Unless you have a USB cable with a variety of cell phone adapters, you’re probably not going to be able to get a whole lot of phone numbers with a beer-filled USB drive.  But, in the face of all of that, don’t you kind of want one? And wouldn't it go well with a chicken wing flash drive

Another is, well, unless you want the minimum order of 250 drives, you might be out of luck.  As of now, they are only available through CNK Promotions.  However, if you do decide to make an order (how much? They don’t say, and if you have to ask…) you get to customize it however you want!

This includes but is not limited to “optional customizable floaties.” What plastic knickknack encapsulates your personality best?  I think for me, it’s a dragon with a ninja sword that shoots lasers (the sword, not the dragon).