Cow's Zombie Apocalypse

February 12, 2011

First Name: Cow

Age: 15 (Just to guess)

Height: 5 foot 6

Weight: 100+ I am actually very underweight. But in case it helps, I can efficantly defend/grappel so I am not entirely screwed by a zombie.

Start in a Medium Sized Town

Beginning of Virus


3 for driving

3 for repairing

3 for guns

1 for spotting


Cow, you live in a medium-sized town in the middle of California, after your parents had you move. The weather is normally pretty hot, and dry. But luckily there's lots of sources of water around, chlorinated or not. You're sitting in your house with a friend, and you are flipping channels. You see a local news report a new virus that "May shut down schools." It is transmitted through the blood, causes people to go through several terrible stages before you are eventually 'beserk", biting and eating people. The bad part is, this virus is also beginning only 45 miles away from your house.


The power is on, you have a fridge full of food and 20 cans of non-perishibles