Tell How She is in Bed By Looking at Her Boobs

April 16, 2009

What do a girl’s boobs say about how she is in the sack?  They say a lot, you just have to know how to listen. Although, in this case, you listen by staring.

A sternomancer is somebody who practices sternomancy -- the art of reading breasts.  Murder is what they call what I’m going to do to my good-for-nothing career counselor who neglected to recognize my innate talent as a sternomancer.

Anyway, sternomancing says that if you’re a lady with breasts that look “like they’ve sprung out of your chest,” it means you’re loyal, adaptable and innovative.  If you’ve got globe-sized sweater melons, then you might have trouble orgasming. 

Head to The Frisky for the full report.  I’m off to hone my sternomancing skills. 

Source: Sian Kennedy/Stone/Getty Images