Warrior Spotlight - Jesse James

January 21, 2011

Jesse James

James and Bullock

Um... Not that one...Jesse James

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Years: Lived 1847 - 1882. Ruled 1866 - 1876.

Who: After the Civil War, Jesse James, his brother Frank, and ex-Confederates, one named Robert Ford, but we'll get to him later. The James Gang was notorious for robbing banks, trains, stagecoaches, and more. Jesse and the Gang were as trained as the Confederates in the War, and was never really caught. He was accurate with every one of his shots, and was a trained murderer of the Wild West. He was so brutal that he was wanted dead or alive. Robert Ford, a member of the gang, hoped for the money. According to most believed ways, the assassination of the gang leader was killed in his home when he was talking to Ford. Ford said that a picture behind him was crooked, and asked if Jesse would fix it. Sure enough, when James had his back turn, correcting the picture, Ford lifted out a revolver or pistol, and shot a bullet in James' head. He was dead in seconds, and the outlaw was no more.

Weapons: Though Jesse had late 1800's guns, he and the gang were equipped with: Revolvers, Winchesters, Knives, Pistols, and Dynamite.

Win or Lose: Jesse James the Outlaw lawed out Al Capone in a Kill Ratio of 544 - 456. However, even today, this episode has had the most arguing than any other, mainly because Al Capone had a grenade for LONG RANGE.