French Kiss Off

April 2, 2008


A group of 100 or so people gathered in New York City's Union Square over the weekend to try andbreak the world record for the longest chain kiss. Participants gathered in acircle and proceeded to lock lips with the person to their left and to theirright.

The event was organized by a couple of crafty French dudes andself-proclaimed "French kiss instructors" Olivier-Joseph Van Temsche and RasmusMichau, who are part of the InstitutBonheur (Instituteof Happiness). With names like Olivier-Joesph and Rasmus youreckon these guys wouldn't need to resort to gimmicky, I'm in a French Institute,Let's kiss for the record book kind of tactics.

According to the organizers, the event was intended to "spread happiness and freedom". In reality it more than likely helped spread the odd diseaseor two.

Reuters was there to capture the tonsil hockey fest andfiled this excellent report.

The guys are still waiting for the Guinness Book of Recordsto get back to them.