You Can Naturally And Quickly Get Rid Of Panic Attacks In Less Than Minutes

May 18, 2009

You really can naturally and quickly get rid of panic attacks in less than minutes once you realize how you start a panic attack. Once you work out how they start then you can do the same thing to stop the panic attack.

Usually when people start to panic they start by "thinking" about something that scares them. Perhaps at age 10 you got locked in a room and couldn't get out. This situation caused you to panic, feel scared and terrified. You may have "thought" that none would hear you and that you were going to die.

That experience gets etched into your subconscious and most times your subconscious mind never forgets that experience.

Then one day you're out shopping many years later and need to go up 35 stories in an elevator. You have done this many times before however this time is different. You walk in the elevator and you are alone. The door closes and you start to travel up. Next minute you know your mind starts racing. You feel shut in, terrified, scared and frightened.

Your heart starts racing, you feel short of breathe, you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, have an overwhelming feeling that you need to run or you may even feel like your about to die.

In reality and in the present moment you are standing in an elevator where nothing is happening to you, but all of a sudden you are panicking. Your mind has taken you out of the present moment and you are caught up in "thoughts" of panic. You could be thinking about getting stuck in between floors, possible death, and these thoughts have created feelings in your body. You may feel clammy, short of breathe, dizzy, nauseous etc.

These thoughts are nothing more than thoughts. When you walked into the elevator you subconscious recalled the experience you had when you were 10. You mind responded with similar thoughts and you are now stuck in your mind. You have left the elevator and are now fully in your mind listening to thoughts and getting terrified by the feelings in your body.

Most people would feel calm in an elevator and may have a weird feeling in their body due to the pull of gravity. Most people did not have the same experience you had at 10 so they can remain calm in an elevator.

However due to a past experience you are now standing in an elevator having terrified thoughts and your body is responding with feelings of terror.

I am well aware of this experience and these feelings as I was a panic attack sufferer.

What has happened is you have left the present moment and have gone off into your head being terrified by your own thoughts. The only thing scaring you are the thoughts you are having. Your body responds to the thoughts by producing scary feelings. Your thoughts could be "I'm stuck" "the door won't open" "I'm going to die" These type of thoughts are in the future. If you were in the present moment you would have thoughts like "the view from the elevator is beautiful" "the elevator is moving fast", I'm in the elevator alone, etc

You are scaring your self by what might happen and not staying in the present moment which is standing in an elevator going up 35 stories.

One way to bring yourself back to the present moment, so you are conscious you are standing in an elevator is to stop yourself listening to the thoughts you are having. You have to trigger yourself back into the present.

How do you do this?

To bring yourself into the present moment, first you have to be aware you are listening to your thoughts. When you are aware you are only listening to your thoughts you have beaten your panic attack.

The next thing to do is to bring your body back to the present moment. To do this look around and notice everything you see. Try and spot ten things you see.

Next use your hearing. What can you hear in the elevator? Make sure to really listening to all the sounds you hear. Listen for ten sounds.

Next sense after this is feeling. Try and feel ten things. Feel your feet on the ground, your hand on the rail, your eyes blinking etc

When you do this you will start to feel yourself calming down and you may even feel like you are coming back to "normal". If at anytime you catch yourself listening to the scary "thoughts" again repeat the exercise.

When you keep practicing this exercise you will be able to stop listening to your thoughts and are able to naturally and quickly get rid of panic attacks in an instant. You will be able to stop a panic attack before it even starts.

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