Finally! Someone Has Combined Downhill Sledding with Nudity

February 22, 2010

Have you ever watched a toboggan race and found yourself wondering “They look like they’re going pretty fast, but I bet they could pick up even more speed if they eliminated all that restrictive clothing from the equation?” Well, apparently the Germans were thinking the same thing when they created naked sledding.

With more than 14,000 people in attendance, 15 men and 15 seemingly sexy ladies competed in what appears to be the greatest fringe sport since Icelandic midget tossing.

The competitors, which included a 70-year-old man, flew down a 300 foot course wearing nothing but a helmet, smile, and protective boots.

The best part of the entire sport, though, may actually be its name. When translated into English the event means “A Mega Festival of Boobs.”

I don’t want to tell the WNBA how to market their sport, but 14,000 people attended “Mega Festival of Boobs,” while only 87 confused homeless people showed up to “Adam’s Apple Appreciation Night” at the Phoenix Mercury game.

(On a side note, it takes a very brave/confident man to spend over an hour in freezing cold weather with absolutely no clothing on in front of thousands of women.)

And yes, it was very hard not to make a "boob-sledding" joke.

Photo: Stefan Simonsen/Getty Images