TUF Recap: No Poseurs Allowed

April 11, 2008


Two episodes in and I must say I'm psyched for the rest of The Ultimate Fighter season. Going right to fighting is never a bad ideal as we got all or parts of 16 middleweight fights. Dana's quest to weed out the poseurs in theory is great, as we don't get any emotionally unstable and whiny ass fighters, however, Dana, some of the best, non-fighting moments of the show was Dana F'N White going off on those same whiny lil' poseurs. If we don't get one Dana White verbal abusing of this crew, I may cry. However, with the fight evals concept occurring it allowed for probably the coolest fight commentary team to ever be assembled as Dana, Forrest Griffin, and Quentin 'Rampage' Jackson called every prelim fight. Between Dana's soon to be classic "it's like watching turtle f*******," Forrest noting a majority of the winning fighters were cornered by his crew, to Rampages hilarious taunting of fighters, this announce crew has to remain for the remainder of the season.

Recapping episode one, Mike Dolce looked sick knocking Prince Mclean the F out, all Rampage could write about him was "DAMN!" Afterwards McLean proved Dana's new strategy right, as he had a good cry about his devastating loss. (There's no crying in MMA, sans an injury.) While I wanna say something nice about John Clarke cutting 17 pounds to make weight and nearly finishing Cale Yarbrough twice with armbars, the fact that "cut the weight dude" came in 17 freakin' pounds over weight makes him look so unprofessional.

Amir Sadollah, looked strong against Steve Byrnes and it was a competitive fight, watching Amir reverse the guard and tap Byrnes out was a thing of beauty. CB Dollaway destroyed Dave Baggett and looks like an early favorite, but the most impressive win went to Dante Rivera who just bull rushed John Wood, totally controlling him and securing a Kimura armlock with an assist from the cage. (THAT impressed Rampage!!!!) Most of the other fights were uneventful (Nick Klien owning Forrest's friend David Mewborn), just boring (Strong wrestler Paul Bradley grounding out a win against Reggie Orr) and downright sad as Rampage's best friend Dave Roberts got triangled and sent home by a very good Jeremy May. Between this guy, Forrest's friend earlier, and Matt Serra disappointing teammate last season, can we put a moratorium on coaches bringing their friends to the show, just doesn't seem to work out.