A Day In The Life of a Bro Man

by Robbie E   September 19, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 7,575

What's up, bro? Everyone is always asking me what is life as a pro wrestler. Some people think this stuff is easy, and maybe if you got fleas in your beard like Eric Young, or fried chicken grease all over your track suit like Joe Park, it is. But some of us wrestlers care about how we look.

So it's not easy for Robbie E and Jessie G, the Bro Mans. And bro, that's especially true on the days we have our television show. I just wanted to throw at you what a normal Thursday for IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV means to the Seaside Sensation, your Boardwalk Bro, Big Robbie E.

4:00 AM - Wake up, introduce myself to whoever else is in the bed, and tell her she's got to move it the hell along, bro.

4:30 AM - Leave the house. That's only a half an hour, which isn't even enough time to do my hair, bro. But I gotta keep a low profile or else I get swarmed by fans at the airport.

5:00 AM - Park my Mercedes at the airport, grab the shuttle, and check in. Check in always goes quick because all the honeys at the counter already know me, bro.

6:00 AM - Fly. First class.

8:00 AM - Land, get my bags and rental car, make fun of hamsters in the airport, and drive to my hotel.

9:00 AM - Hit the gym, hit the shower, and get a bite to eat. Sometimes me and my Bro Man Jessie joins me for the gym and the food, but not the shower, bro. 

12 Noon - I get to the building, and then it's a day of media and whatever else is up for the Bro Mans. We get our photo shoots on, flirt with the Knockouts, hide Borash's stuff...

4:00 PM-7:00 PM - Hair

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Spray tan. I know, only an hour? Bro, when you have as much experience with the spray tan as I do, you can make every second count. I get better color in an hour than you would in four. Bank it.

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM – IMPACT WRESTLING Live on Spike TV. 

Midnight - Food. This one can be tough. Sometimes Park eats everything before I get there. I can live off protein bars if I have to (you know he doesn't touch those), but I want a real meal after all that work, bro.

2:00 AM - Sleep or party depending on if girls are around! Because I am Robbie E, there are always girls around. 

4:00 AM - Get up and do it again. You don't stay this awesome by sleeping, bro. Oh!

Always long days, bro, but well worth it! Until next week, don't miss the Bro Mans on IMPACT WRESTLING this week bro!!

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