Cleverbot Brings Humanity Closer to Human Enslavement By Making Us Think It's Human

September 6, 2011

It's only a matter of time before the computers take over the world. Now one British firm has developed new technology called "Cleverbot" that doesn't just sound like a human, but can also carry on a conversation and make it sound stunningly close to a conversation with a real human.

Just how good is this electronic version of The Thing? Its creators recently held a test at a tech gathering in Guwahati, India in which the participants held a four-minute typing conversation with the software and then were asked to judge if they were talking to a human being or a computer.

The test was based on "The Turing Test," developed by British computer scientist Alan Turing to determine if a machine can mimic human intelligence. Nearly 59.3 percent of the Cleverbot testers said they thought their counterpart was human and 63.3 percent of those who spoke with actual humans thought they were speaking to a human. The test set a new Turing Test record.

Source: Comstock Images/Getty Images