Rockstar's Digital Strippers Win Court Case

November 10, 2008

An East Los Angeles strip club, The Playpen, filed suit against the maker’s of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, alleging that the depiction of “The Pig Pen” strip club in the game violated their trademark. 

The PlayPen is claiming they’ve infringed on their “distinctive logo” which is the sillouette of a stripper and the name of their club over the phrase “Totally Nude.” 

It’s like these guys have never been to any strip club other than their own.  That describes every single strip club in the continental U.S. and about 89% of those I’ve visited outside these hallowed, hussy-filled borders. 

Thankfully we live in a land where justice is served up (albeit stale and with a two drink minimum) to hairless, limber sirens of the stage.  Yesterday, the The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the suit.