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Kicking Back and Dealing With Injuries

by spike.com   February 17, 2011 at 10:48AM  |  Views: 11,379

Alex Shelley


When I was 20, I broke my collarbone at wrestling practice. 

I did it again in January. It brought its friend, second degree separation of the AC joint, with it. It's amazing how one can take the most trivial things for granted. For example, I can't tell you how many times I've shoulder rolled in the ring. Hell, since I learned how to properly wrestle lucha libre-style in 2005, if I had a dollar for every 3/4 roll I've done, I'd probably be pretty well off. Then again, wrestling is an unpredictable thing, and sometimes random accidents happen. This time, my weight was planted as the ring shifted ever so slightly. So when I rolled, I heard crunch, crunch. Imagine hearing someone walk across a room full of Rice Krispies scattered on the floor, but feeling the sounds inside your shoulder. 

No one ever wants to admit they're hurt either. I finished the match despite not being able to lift my arm. Far out. I figured after, hey, if I can lift my arm, it can't be that bad. But why is there this bony lump here? And why is my arm puffy? And why can't I move it?

The answers were: because I knocked a CHUNK of collarbone out, because of massive swelling to prevent me from moving my arm, and because the ligaments were stretched way too far, and now I had no power. 

Matthew Stafford, you're a trooper for throwing the ball at the end of that game with this injury.


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