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Kicking Back and Dealing With Injuries

by spike.com   February 17, 2011 at 10:48AM  |  Views: 11,377

This week, Chris Sabin lets us in on something he does in his free time, and Alex Shelley gives us an update on his shoulder.

Chris Sabin

A fun thing I enjoy doing is finding random videos on YouTube. I can sit (and have sat) on YouTube for hours at a time looking up ridiculous but entertaining videos.

Such classics as "owned", "funny cats," and "people falling" have graced my YouTube search bar. But they also have many diamonds among the rough, and it's a great way to share free information as well. Whether you're looking to listen to someone like Alan Watts, want to learn about almost anything, or you are looking for pro wrestling to enjoy it's a very useful tool.

We hook it up on YouTube. If you check out the TNAwrestling channel they have a bunch of cool matches and videos. I was surfing on there earlier this week and I came across a video of Kurt Angle vs. The Amazing Red, which was a highlight of the match's finish, so I decided to watch the entire match.

Holy $&!T was that entertaining! Amazing Red, easily one of my favorite opponents and whose name speaks for itself I've always known was one of the best, vs. Kurt Angle, who has a legacy of being one of if not the best wrestlers of all time. Awesome stuff. 

After watching I started to think about how I would love to have a match at some point in my career with Kurt Angle. Singles match, tag match, whatever's clever.

Maybe Motor City Machine Guns vs. Kurt Angle and Amazing Red? I'm down.

Be sure to set your DVR, TiVo, or as I used to use, VCR to record Impact this week. RVD vs. Jeff Hardy with Mr. Anderson as guest ref was a fun one to watch. As a matter of fact, all three of those guys are always fun to watch. They send out a good positive vibe any time they perform.

And well, RVD is the man, as long as we're speaking of opponents that I would like to have a match with at some point in my career.

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