Mantenna - Tuesday, October 27

October 27, 2009

New rumors surface about Angelina Jolie's bizarre sex life, Tom Cruise is going back to the skies, and an NBA player cheats on his wife with a porn star...the Mantenna will never say die!

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Angelina Jolie Slept with Mother’s Lover

A new book claims that Angelina Jolie slept wit her mother’s boyfriend. The book, written by Andrew Morton, claims that Jolie was 16 when the incident went down.  A source says that Jolie and her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, never came to terms with each other after the Oscar winner confessed to the act, and they “struggled to repair their damaged relationship.” Bertrand died in 2007 of cancer. [Radar]

Kate Gosselin Wants to Be a Movie Star

Kate Gosselin is so over being a television star. Now she wants to focus her attentions on establishing a film career. The mother of eight sat down with People magazine for and in-depth interview and said, "I've done enough years on TV that I feel like it's a normal, comfortable, natural place to be. I'd love to be in a movie at some point. I'd love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun." There is no stopping this machine of a mom. [People]

Tom Cruise is Going Back to the Skies

Director John Woo and Tom Cruise are teaming up for Flying Tigers, a movie about American and Chinese fighter pilots working together to fight the Japanese. This has all the potential for a historical Top Gun, though this time Goose isn’t going to hold Maverick back. This time they’re going to kick some fascist butt and – well, suffice it to say this film has a lot of potential. [First Showing]

Short Circuit finds a Battery


Source: TriStar Pictures

A lot of people have been waiting for that promised Short Circuit remake, so they were all really pleased when Wall-E hit theaters. But now they’re doing it again, and Steve Carr’s going to direct it. Remember him? He directed Paul Blart: Mall Cop, that movie your eight-year-old brother made you go to five times. He’s also the mastermind behind Daddy Day Care, so it’s easy to see he’s a natural fit for a remake of a movie no one was all that crazy about in the ‘80s and has basically already been remade by Pixar. But still: this is going to be awesome. [/Film]

Foreign NBA Player Cheats on Wife With Porn Star

New Orleans Hornets' forward Peja Stojakovic was recently caught going where only several hundred men, a couple dozen women, and pretty much everybody with a video camera and customer card at the free clinic has gone before when he slept with porn star Sienna West. Sure, he may have to go on the DL with herpes and is no longer the listed as a possible virgin in the Hornets' gameday program, but what makes this even worse is that the Miller exposed the undercover romp via Twitter - something Stojakovic's wife wasn't to found of. [Global Grind]

Michael Jackson on Track For 6th Number One On Billboard 200

Michael Jackson's This Is It companion album, which was released on Monday, is looking to sell over 300,000 copies by the end of the week. With numbers that high, Jackson will be a lock for the number one spot next week on the Billboard 200 albums chart. If MJ hits No. 1, it will mark his sixth chart-topper, following Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible. Michael is still the King of Pop from beyond the grave. [Billboard]

Study Proves Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

A recent study is suggesting that moral behavior may be encouraged with nothing more than clean smells. The Brigham Young University professor found a dramatic improvement in ethical behavior with just a few spritzes of citrus-scented Windex. The researchers see implications for workplaces, retail stores, and other organizations that have relied on traditional surveillance and security measures to enforce rules. The study titled The Smell of Virtue was unusually simple and conclusive. Participants engaged in several tasks, the only difference being that some worked in unscented rooms, while others worked in rooms freshly spritzed with Windex. [Science Daily]

Film Studios Want to Delay New Release Rentals

The Los Angeles Times reports that in an effort to push consumers toward buying more movies, some major film studios are considering a new policy that would block DVDs from being offered for rental until several weeks after going on sale. Under the plan, new DVD releases would be available on a purchase-only basis for a few weeks, after which time companies such as Blockbuster and Netflix would be allowed to rent the DVDs to their customers. "The studios are wrestling with declines in DVD sales while the DVD rental market has been modestly growing," says Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix. "If we can agree on low-enough pricing, delayed rental could potentially increase profits for everyone." 'Course, people won't start downloading torrents of the new releases if they decide to do this, would they? [Los Angeles Times]

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