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You Win Some, You Lose Some

by MariShapiro   July 21, 2010 at 6:57PM  |  Views: 138

Alex Shelley

Power. Today, I'm in rough shape. I've had some incredibly brutal matches this week, and due to how busy things are, a minimal amount of sleep. The last thing I need is the power to go out again.

I'm bothered by two things more than anything. Uncomfortable heat, and not being able to find things when I need them. A month ago, the power went out, and both of these things happened to me in spades.

Picture your hero playing video games and drinking beer in a cool finished basement. Picture that same basement, but now, the beer isn't so cold. Neither's the basement. And there are no video games. There's only darkness. I had to stumble around the house looking for candles, and even after I found them, I realized that there was nothing to do. Normally, I try to make sure I'm always doing SOMETHING. Working out, laundry, homework, music, reading, drawing, emailing, whatever. Man, the gym was closed, the computer ran out of power, I couldn't watch TV, and reading was a stretch because candlelight isn't the most forgiving on bad eyes.

Right now, there's a storm outside. All I want to do is to relax and read my Akira collected works in peace in an air conditioned room with a bright light.

It's amazing how I still enjoy the exact same things I did 15 years ago. It's amazing that lack of electricity can still take them away.