Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - Our Picks For The Gamers On Your List

November 24, 2014
Sometimes the best gaming gifts go beyond just the games themselves. There are plenty of gamers out there who want more from their consoles, to dig deeper into the history of the industry, and to literally wear their gaming hearts on their sleeve. Not everyone just wants the hottest game of the season (in fact, there’s probably a good chance they already have those), sometimes you have to go the extra mile to find something unique that will satisfy a gamers’ unique sensibilities. It's for those hardcore fans out there that we’ve put together our picks for some of the best gaming related items this holiday season - both big and small. We hope that our due diligence to find the best that the gaming world has to offer will make your shopping list a little easier to fill out.

PlayStation TV
Price: Base Model: $99.99 or The LEGO Movie Bundle: $139.99 | More Info
Over the last couple of years, Sony has started to lay the groundwork for completely taking over all avenues of home entertainment with the releases of the PS Vita and the PlayStation 4. PlayStation TV is just one more way that Sony is making inroads at taking over all of your screens... in a good way. The PlayStation TV is a microconsole that’s modeled after the PS Vita that offers most of the portable’s functionality on a big screen. This includes playing Vita and PSP games, streaming video, and accessing the PS4’s remote play feature, essentially adding a second system to a network with multiple TVs. This is another solid piece in Sony's puzzle for creating an entire home media ecosystem around their PlayStation devices. The PlayStation TV might be tiny, but given what it can do, it packs quite a bite.

Price: $12.99 each | More Info
Nintendo are going all-in with the interactive toy game this year with the launch of their amiibo product line. Amiibo are a series of physical figures that are based on Nintendo's extensive library of games, and can be brought into the digital experience of different games in a variety of ways. By the end of the year, there will be two waves of amiibo in stores, featuring 18 different characters that range from Mario to Marth, and will be compatible with three of Nintendo biggest Wii U games, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warriors. Fans have been begging for this kind of experience from Nintendo since Skylanders and Disney Infinity hit the market, so there’s no doubt that if there’s a Nintendo fan on your list, they’d be super excited to get a tiny Luigi figure, whether they have a Wii U or not.

Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium
Bitmap Books
Price: $31.09 | More Info
Back in the old days, when PC gaming required floppy disks and command prompts to start, one computer emerged as the most consumer friendly system on the market, the Commodore 64. It was both affordable and (relatively) easy to use, making it the choice for the first generation of home PC users. Even though the C64 is long gone, it helped lay the groundwork for PC gaming as we know it today, and Bitmap Books' Commodore 64: An Illustrated Commpendium pays tribute to many of the system's early games. Featuring over 200 pages of wonderful pixel art and extensive commentary on the machine and its games, this is a must have for any nostalgic C64 fans out there. Originally a Kickstarter project, Bitmap Books recently completed a second successful funding for the follow-up, a tribute to the Commodore Amiga, with both books being exclusive to the UK’s Funstock retro gaming store.

A50 Wireless Headset
Astro Gaming
Price: $300.00 | More Info
Astro Gaming have been cranking out some of the highest performance gaming headsets on the market since 2006. This holiday season, the Astro A50 wireless headset is their top-of-the-line audio experience for concerted gamers. If you need to hear every footstep with crystal clear perfection, the A50 offers a comfortable, untether way for you to fully enjoy every blip of gaming audio on your preferred platform. The A50s offer both form and function to keep players fully immersed in their games, without any sacrifice to the quality of sound being pumped into their skulls.

Loot Crate Subscription
Price: 1 Month: $13.37 3 Month: $12.37 6 Month: $11.67 | More Info
If you don’t have a clue what to get your geeky friends and family? Let the gods at Loot Crate choose for you. Pick up a one, three, or six month subscription to the blind gifting service, and you can have an assortment of toys, clothes, candy and more delivered straight to your favorite nerd's door. Each month’s crate is hand selected to fit a specific theme, with past months’ including "Battle" and "Heroes," the goodies inside have ranged from variant comic books to exclusive vinyl figures. Offering a value of over $40 in every crate, Loot Crate is the perfect way to deliver the gift that keeps on giving (depending on the subscription you sign up for).

Stratus XL Gaming Controller
Price: $69.99 | More Info
One of the most unfortunate drawbacks of playing iOS games are your big, stupid thumbs getting in the way of the screen. SteelSeries is hoping to change all of that with their Stratus XL Gaming Controller by creating a better place for your thumbs to go - on a controller. The bigger brother to the original Stratus that was released earlier this year, the XL provides a console level controller for current model iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 7 or up. With over 400 games in the App Store that support controllers (from Bastion, to FIFA, to Grand Theft Auto), you won't be at a loss for something to play with the Status XL. If you're still on the fence, just think about all of that screen space that you'll free up without your big, stupid thumbs in the way.

Hohokum Vinyl Soundtrack Album
Ghostly International
Price: $9.50 | More Info
While the trippy visuals, and relaxing gameplay of Richard Hogg and Honeyslug's excellent PlayStation 4 release are what most people are likely to remember, Hohokum's soundtrack is still one of the standout features of the game. Tweaked to perfection to coincided with Hohokum's unique gameplay, the soundtrack fits perfectly within the overall experience. This soundtrack sampler from Ghostly International is presented on rainbow-print vinyl, and features seven special tracks from the game alongside a download code for the full 22 song digital release. It's the perfect gift for any fan of the game, as its covered in art from Hogg, and features some of the best tracks of the year.

Rocky Classic Video Game Appearance Figure
Price: $24.99 | More Info
Over the last year or so, NECA have been releasing action figures based on classic Nintendo Entertainment System games that have including Robocop, Predator, and most recently, Batman. Well, it’s finally time for the Sega fans to get their own classic figure, with the release of Rocky, which is based on the Sega Master System boxing game from 1987. The game itself might not be particularly memorable, but the tiny, plastic recreation of Sylvester Stallone’s timeless character is pretty on point. The figure comes complete with painted abs, and an American flag wrap. It’s a great piece whether you’ve played the game, or if you're just a fan of the movie ... or even the Broadway show.

Phoenix Wright Suit Shirt
Price: $25.00 | More Info
With the holidays at hand, there's a good chance that you or someone you know is going to have to dress up for some occasion. This Phoenix Wright inspired t-shirt is perfect for any event where a t-shirt tuxedo might be a bit too formal. Taken from the signature style of the titular character from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, Capcom has created one of the best video game inspired tees of all time… and also made one of the easiest cosplay outfits ever. So, whether you have a court date or a real date, the Phoneix Wright Suit shirt is the perfect attire.

Immersive Gaming Vest
Price: $150.00 | More Info
The Kor-FX Immersive Gaming Vest is perfect for the gamer that needs a little bit more from their games. As things like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus help to put players' heads into their games, the Kor-FX Gaming Vest puts their bodies into the games by providing haptic feedback based on what's going on in the virtual world around them. If you're playing a first person shooter, the vest will tell you when you're getting shot. If you're behind the wheel in a racing game, the vest will provide feedback based on how well you're driving. Short of going full Lawnmower Man, this is one of the best ways for players to go above and beyond the experiences they're used to, and really feel their games as they happen.