World Cup Star Takes Controversial Stance in the "Paying for Sex" Debate

June 29, 2010

Winning the World Cup must seem like a pretty easy task for the heavily favored Brazilian team, because their best player seems to be more concerned with waging a political war against an industry with some pretty powerful lobbyists than working on his penalty kicks. If a certain midfielder ends up dead in a South African ditch, Hugh Grant better have a pretty good alibi ready to go.

Kaká, widely – and ironically – regarded as the number two soccer player in the world, posed for a picture holding a sign which read “real men don’t buy girls.”

The anti-prostitution campaign is endorsed by Ashton Kutcher (whom Viacom’s legal department claims I am not allowed to make any hooker-related insinuations about) and is garnering a lot of support from attractive, young millionaires who don’t have to troll local IHOPs for working girls every Tuesday.

Props to Kaká for taking a stand, but it’s unclear what sort of professional opportunities exist for teenage runaways with Daddy issues and drug debts. Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo can start some sort of “prostitution employment center?"