SWAT vs Mafia

October 10, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Los Angeles's Law Enforcement that breach, snipe, or under water dive to stop any criminal. The ultimate crinimals that rose from Sicily, Italy that would kill for money and more.


Long Range: LWR PSD Rifle.

Medium Range: Benelli M4 Shotgun.

Short Range: Tazer Gun.

Explosive: Tear Gas.

Has Kevlar Armor and Helmet.


Long Range: Tommy Gun.

Medium Range: Sawed Off Shotgun.

Short Range: Ice Pick.

Explosive: Molotov Cocktail.


LWR PSD vs Tommy. Edge = LWR PSD.

A PSD is better for inside building operations and breaching. A Tommy is used to just spray you down but no real operation along with it.

Benelli M4 vs Sawed Off. Edge = Benelli M4.

I give the Benelli an edge because it is semi-automatic, meaning it's not pump action, and also the Sawed Off Shotgun can only shoot twice before reload.

Tazer Gun vs Ice Pick. Edge = Tazer Gun.

Even though the Tazer isn't really used to kill, it stops you from doing anything and also after continous shocks it might put too much electricity in you and might kill.

Tear Gas vs Molotov Cocktail. Edge = Molotov Cocktail.

This was close but the Molotov can kill much more times and could take a few people out at a time. The Tear Gas is to confuse you and stop you from seeing anything.


A small group of a five man Mafia gang are planning their new theory to steal alchohol from a rival gang. The leader, Ivan Giano, discusses the plan, "So we'll take the Ford to their gang house, send two of us into the gang to act under cover, and the two shoot down the place, grab all the cash and alchohol, and get out, OK?" Little did Giano and his gang know that a wire was recording them.

Outside the gang's building there was a SWAT car parked out in an alley, and the Operative that set up the wire was listening to everything. He was able to get the adress of where the Giano Gang was heading, and also repeated what Giano was saying, "... grab the cash and alchohol, and get out, OK?" The leader of the SWAT Team was Lucas Davidson. Lucas said to the wire setter, "Good job, Jackson. We'll move in at 1:45. That's in two minutes. Get ready to take action."

As Giano commands his gang to leave at 2:00, he takes three tommy's, two shotguns, a molotov cocktail, and his only ice pick. He packs it in the trunk of their Ford in the garage, when he hears some wailing back inside the building. He runs inside and sees someone as thrown in a tear gas grenade. He runs to his desk and pulls out a gas mask. He and the rest of the gang were able to run out of the way and escape the gas. They ran into another part of the building where they heard a man outside the building warn, "Ivan Giano, we know you're in there! You and your gang come out with your hands up. We have a warrant for your arrest!"

Ivan Giano pulled out another tommy gun, and was ready to take action of his own. They hear the door get kicked open, and heard Lucas Davidson yell, "SWAT Team! Come out Giano and we won't hurt you." No response. They are armed with their PSD's and are ready to shoot. Travis Jackson, the one who put the wire up, sets a tazer shockwave, and also pulls out a tazer gun. As they are commanded to split all six of them up, Jackson goes with Davidson and are ready to taze and shoot.

Lucas and Travis make it into the room where they see a man trying to grab a shotgun. Before he can shoot it at them, Travis shot the tazer gun and hit the man in the chest and stomach. The man falls down from an electric wave. He can't move due to having all his muscles tightened up, and Travis says, "Is this Giano?" But Lucas said in response, "No, this must be one of his gang members of the Mafia." Just then there were bullets flying.

The two SWAT Operatives ran for cover, leaving the gang member they found left for dead. Travis Jackson brought out a benelli and shot in unison with the PSD bullets that Lucas was shooting. More bullets were flying and they could see that three men were shooting back. The one that was tazed was able to get up but the needles were still stuck in him. He tried to pick up his shotgun again, but was tazed again, fell back down, and was shot by Travis. SWAT = 6. Mafia = 5.

The rest of the SWAT Team run in trying to shoot as the rest of the Mafia run away. They follow, but after two ran into a room to look for their suspects, a molotov cocktail was thrown and burned them into a crisp. SWAT = 4. Mafia = 5.

Davidson shoots his PSD again and hits the molotov thrower. Giano and his gang ran from the room and they went into another room. They start hiding behind a table and one of them pull out an ice pick. The first one of the SWAT run in and before he can look around, the Mafia member jumped on top of him, stabbing the ice pick into the neck, and in the head, ripping through the helmet. As they fell down, the SWAT Operative dead, the man from the Giano team is shot from behind. SWAT = 3. Mafia = 3.

Giano gets up and starts shooting again, when another tear gas grenade is thrown. Giano, still wearing the gas mask, with his team move on, but before they can all get out of the room, the rest of the SWAT put on their gas masks and Jackson shot a few rounds of his benelli. One of those bullets were able to shoot inside the neck of another Giano minion. The SWAT Team move on but tommy bullets started flying and broke through the helmet goggles of another SWAT Operative. Lucas and Travis keep up their guns and move on to where they went. They see them again, and shoot their PSD's. A few bullets lodged into the body of Giano's last man. SWAT = 2. Mafia = 1.

Ivan runs into his Ford and starts driving away. He pulls out a sawed off shotgun so that he can keep away the rest of the SWAT. He keeps looking out the window when he accidentaly hits something, sending the front of the car into Giano. Airbags shoot out and throw Ivan back in the seat, squishing his hand on the triggers of the shotgun, emptying both barrels.

Ivan was able to finally open up the car door and fell out. He sees that what he hit was the SWAT's armored car. Giano tries to limp away, but was chased after Lucas and Travis. Lucas Davidson yells, "You're under arrest, Giano!" as Travis handcuff's him.

A week later, after trial and court, Giano's punishment was death by electric chair. Ivan tried to get away but was tazed into the chair. Davidson pulled the lever and Ivan was shocked into his death. SWAT = 2. Mafia = 0.

SWAT: 629.

LWR PSD: 407.

Benelli M4: 210.

Tazer Gun: 8.

Tear Gas: 4.

Mafia: 371.

Tommy: 246.

Sawed Off: 79.

Ice Pick: 5.

Molotov: 41.

Best Weapon: The LWR PSD Rifle shot the Mafia into their graves 407 times.

Worst Weapon: The Tear Gas was only thrown and made the Mafia choke to death 4 times.