Sexy Blonde Flashes and Crashes

November 6, 2009

Video footage of a car full of girls getting into an accident after flashing their breasts has hit the web. But is it real or fake?

The footage, which looks like it was shot on a cell phone, shows a group of British guys in one car flirting with a group of girls driving beside them. One of the guys is heard asking “Get your t*** out.” The sexy blonde in the passenger seat coyly obliges, pulling her top up to reveal a skin-colored bra. The girls start giggling and the boys go wild. The video comes to a dramatic end as the girl’s car crashes into a parked truck:

[video autoplay='true']3284745[/video]

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Click here to find out whether the spot is REAL or FAKE.ANSWER: FAKE

The footage, which has been viewed over two million times online, is fake and was created by a British Road Safety organization to promote safe driving. A spokesperson for Road Safety for North West said "Surprisingly, there isn't a lot of research on the things that distract young drivers. So we set about running some focus groups to get to the heart of the issue, and find the best approach for an effective campaign. The results were conclusive. General messing about and shouting were both high up on the list of things that can take a young driver's eyes off the road at a critical moment.”

While the spot certainly grabs your attention, the real message seems to be - if you flash, you’ll crash.

Source: Road Safety for North West