Coca-Cola Bots Invade Tokyo

May 20, 2008

Tokyo has long been a bastion of neon lights, huge buildings, and bustling streets packed with every game, toy or gadget you can imagine. If a tech-support meth addict became a city he would become Tokyo. But it seems as if the peace and well being of the city are under attack. Man-sized Coca-Cola robots have stormed the city, and they're not turning back until the entire city is caffeinated.

In celebration of the predictable robot invasion 11 inch miniatures are now for sale, though in the US you'll only find them on Ebay. The robots are not only great additions to a desk top already crammed with geeky pop culture toys, but conversation pieces, as well. For instance, a conversation in the US might very well begin, "What in the hell is that?" That's your cue to snicker condescendingly at the international ignorance of your interlocutor. You'll smile smugly and offer up a sardonic rejoinder along the lines of, "Ever heard of Tokyo, cock-eyes? Yeah, that's what I thought."

Later in the day send your pal a link to Wikipedia's entry on Tokyo.