Matchups I might make soon

October 3, 2010

Spetsnaz vs SEALs (5 v 5)

SWAT vs Medellin Cartel (Or other criminal orgs, 5 v 5)

CIA vs KGB rematch (Just to rewrite it, not necessarily BAWW KGB DIDN'T WIN.)

"Tiger" Kidnappers vs Bank Robbers (Custom 5v5)

I.R.A. vs Somalian Pirates

Persian Immortal vs Rajput Warrior

Sepoy vs British Redcoats (Unsure of this one.)

French Musketeer vs Pirate (Think about it. :P)

Ninja vs Spartan (Re-Write)

Ninja vs Maori Warrior

Viet Cong vs Mafia (or Yakuza)

Jesse James Gang vs Yakuza

GSG9 vs SWAT (Re-Write)

William Wallace vs Apache

Apache vs Ninja


More to come.

The rematches may have the same team/person winning. I just re-write it to seem more realistic