More Leaked Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Hits the Net

April 6, 2010

3D Realms, the studio who'd been developing Duke Nukem Forever for more than a decade, is dead and gone. But Duke Nukem, the tenacious guy that he is, refuses to die. Here's some more footage of the game that never was.

This footage seems to indicate that the game's development may have actually been a lot further along than previously leaked clips seemed to indicate.

We're treated to a look at more of the enemies and how they interact with the environment. The psychics engine of the game also seems to be in full effect, and some vehicular mayhem is also included, courtesy of a nitrous-injected monster truck.

Who knows, maybe someone out there is leaking these clips to gauge public interest, to see if it's worth finishing the game and releasing it? All we have to cling to at this point is hope


Source: Kotaku