Pamela Anderson Splits to Survive

April 14, 2010

Pamela Anderson knows how to stay on a television show.

Pamela Anderson danced the rumba on Monday night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. The 42-year-old ended her routine by showing off her incredible flexibility by doing splits. The dance was well received with audience members giving it a standing ovation. Judge Bruno Tonioli said Pamela had proved that she could do “refinement and sophistication” and still be “drop dead sexy.” He also said it was the best dance she had ever performed. Pamela and her partner, Aussie Damian Whitewood, scored a total of 47. The score was high enough for the couple to escape being booted off the show in last night’s elimination episode.


The super hot dance has sparked speculation that Pam and her dance partner are dating. On the show Pamela joked about throwing herself at Damian and then said, “One of the sexiest things to do is to dance with a man. I’m already in love with Damian. I don’t have a man in my life right now and it’s nice to have him to dance with.” After the show the former Playboy centerfold appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was asked if the two were an item. Pamela said “No,” then added, “'I’m not with anybody right now, it’s nice to have that romance. It’s a real lesson in a healthy relationship, dancing with somebody then… you go home.”

Oh, poor Pammy!

Photo: Adam Larkey/ABC Television Group