Apparently You Can Put a Price on Sleeping with Someone's Fiancée

December 3, 2010

Recently bankrupt NBA star Antoine Walker spent the twilight years of his NBA career throwing up ill-advised three point shots and allegedly sleeping with other people’s wives-to-be. While it’s still not judiciously acceptable to sue a 340-pound small forward for ruining your franchise with terrible jump-shooting, one man is hoping that pseudo-adultery is worth $5 million in the court of law. reports:

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Chicago -- in which Kevin Jenkins says he actually caught his lady having "an intimate moment" with Walker back in October -- but when he approached the two, "Mr. Walker taunted and laughed at Jenkins with the intent of causing him emotional distress."

This seems like a lot of money to ask for from a guy who had to begin an exciting new career in the NBA Developmental League to pay off his creditors. Perhaps this Jenkins fella has less of a grasp on what bankruptcy entails than his wife does on the implied fidelity occasionally involved in marriage.

Oddly, these two crazy kids seem perfect for each other.

Photo: Altrendo/Getty Images