Mantenna - Thursday, April 23

April 23, 2009

Jessica Simpson gets personal with a prisoner, Robert Rodriguez sets his sights on a Predator reboot, and a strange photo craze hits's the Mantenna!

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Jessica Simpson Offers Ride to Convict

Former Prision Break star Lane Garrison will be released from prison at the end of the month and Jessica Simpson is organizing his ride from jail. Garrison is finishing off his sentence for vehicular manslaughter after he killed a 17-year-old in a 2006 drunk driving accident. He and Jessica are childhood friends. According to a source, "Jessica wanted to pick Lane up herself, but she can't. So she hired a limo for a few friends to be there once Lane walks out." Jessica has not visited Garrison since he’s been in the slammer because of “security risks”. However the two have been in contact. [Perez Hilton]

Strange Photo Craze Spreads Across Russia

A strange photo craze is spreading across the internet in Russia. The craze started after a woman posted an image of herself lying on her stomach with her bottom in the air and posted it on a Russian social network. The pose has been dubbed "Vilena-style," named after its originator. Now nearly every woman in Russia is posing Vilena-style and posting the results online. Those Russians are a strange horny bunch. [English Russia]

No Such Thing As Too Much Predator

It’s official: writer/director/producer/cinematographer/editor/ombudsman Robert Rodriguez is going to helm the rumored reboot of the Predator franchise -- and he’s going to do it from Texas. Along with redoing Predators (yes, plural – there will be multiple predators in the reboot) he’s also got Nervewrackers, Machete, Sin City 2, and The Jetsons lined up. No word on when the Predators film will get made and released, seeing as he’s got a lot of irons in the fire. As long as he takes it back to basics, and does away with this silly business of battling aliens, this has a good chance of being pretty awesome. [/Film]

Eminem Says He'd Collaborate With Lil Wayne


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When asked recently whether Eminem would work with Lil Wayne by Shade 45's Angela Yee on The Morning After Sirius satellite radio show yesterday, he said, "I would. There hasn't really necessarily been a time for me to go to collaborate and s*** lately, because I been so locked down in the studio. But I'm open for whatever. There's a lot of rappers in the game I respect, especially right now." Marshall also went on to again cite Lil Wayne and T.I. as rappers he highly respects. He also named Kanye West, saying he "likes [Kanye] a lot" as an artist. Wow. [MTV News]

Duff McKagan: Velvet Revolver’s Singer Search is Not Over

As we all know, Velvet Revolver does not have a new lead singer. However, turns out all those recent reports that the band was close to naming their guy also were actually true. “We thought we landed on the singer. We all did,” Duff McKagan says. “We played with him and we said, ‘OK, we got our guy. He’s great.’ ” But Duff recently told Rolling Stone that the group simply had second thoughts. “Maybe if we would’ve got there and had gigs booked right then and there it would’ve been a different story,” McKagan says. “We were given too much time and we were able to go, ‘Ah, f***, I don’t like that about the guy.’ ” How hard is it to find a washed-up rock singer? They have to be all over LA. [Rolling Stone]

Giant Mystery Blob From Beginnings of Universe

The scientific word for what scientists have recently found at the edges of the universe is really a “blob.”  The primordial gas cloud (henceforth, blob) was spotted 12.9 billion light years away.  That means the light we’re looking at is 12.9 billion years old, which was before the universe was even in its adolescence. Researchers named the blog after a mysterious Japanese queen Himiko who rolled over in her grave and said, “It was just a bad angle that made me look like a blob!” [FOX News]

Gamers Display Addiction Symptoms

A new study published in the journal Psychological Science suggests that many children and teens who play video games display classical signs of addiction revolving around said games.  8.5% of those playing games displayed at least six out of the 11 classical signs.  Some signs include skipping chores to play games or playing them to escape real world problems.  Further study is needed, researches say, to illustrate the exact nature and extent to which games can be addicting. [USA TODAY]

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