French Musketeers vs. Carib Pirates

January 31, 2011


Close:Rapier/Main gauche

Mid: Wheel Lock Pistol

Long: Flintlock Musket

Special: Bayonet


Close:Cutlass/Naval Dirk combo

Mid: Blunderbuss

Long: Flintlock Pistols

Special: Boarding Axe

Rapier vs. Cutlass: Rapier! The dueling sword is longer and the cutlass can't get pass the Musketeers armour.

Wheel Lock vs. Blunderbuss: Wheel Lock. The longer range and twin use of the pistols gets a slight edge over the monster shotgun.

Musket vs. Pistols: Pistols! Having six different guns on you gives you more options then just one.

Bayonet vs. Boarding Axe: Axe! The sea tool can inflict much damage and be used with the cutlass or pistols at the same time.


Five Musketeers of the Guard are sent out to patrol the dockside. All is quiet, expect for one small ship a few hundred yards infront of them. The leader, still nursing wounds he got while duelling with a Ming man, suspects something. He orders the others to approach the ship.

Below deck on the ship, a group of five pirates dance around, acting drunk just because they couldn't afford rum. They laugh and sing as the captain parades around with a knights helment he stole earlier that day. One of the pirates sees the musketeers approach and yells out ot the captian. All is quiet as the sea devils load their guns.

The elite guards approach the boarding walk to the ship. A young musketeer draws his pistol and walks up the walk way. As he reaches the top, a flintlock pellet slams him in the chest. he falls back and down the walk way. His comrades come to his aid. The pellet was stopped by his armour, but he was still dazed. Another musketeer spots the shooter and blows him away with his musket.

The rest of the pirates come out of hiding as the rest of the musketeers board the ship. One musketeer is shot in the face by the pirate captian. The musketeers take defence positions as the two sides slug it out. One pirate sneaks around the side of the ship and surprise a musketeer. the pirate drives his axe into the Frenchmans neck as the Musketeer thrusts his bayonet into the pirates heart.

The pirates are fierce, but the musketeers are well trained. The two younger ones take out two pirates in the mist of their shoot out. Their leader grins as the two eager Musketeers run over to clear the area

" Remenber the-" the leader yells out.



The smoke clears as the pirate captian stands over the two dead Musketeers. They had no chance. A blunderbuss at near point blank. The Musketter leader, filled with anger, he charges with his pistols. The pirate fires at the musketeer with his own pistols with the musketeer returning fire. They both miss.

The pirate jumps from the bow of the ship onto some crates of cotton on the ground outside. The Musketeer follows with quick speed. The pirate runs into a pub, where only a drunk bartender lays on a stool. The pirate begins to run to the back, but the musketeer enters just then. In desperation, the pirate takes the bartender hostage with his dagger.

"Let me go, or I'll cut his throat." the sinister seaman said.

"Calm down. I'll put my arms away." the Musketeer replied, taken off his sword and dagger. He purposely drop his dagger hard. the pirate was distracted, so the Musketeer charged. He disarmed the knife and threw the tender away. The fat fool woke up and ran away when he saw the two warriors.

The Musketeer drew his sword and dagger from the ground as the Pirate picked up his cutlass and dirk. The two clashed with fury. In the midst, the pirate knocked over a lamp, setting the whole pub of fire. The pirate slashed the stomach of the musketeer and went in with the dirk. The musketeer countered with a fine thrust to the pirates throat. The clean cut instantly killed the sea thief. The King's Guard ran out as the rest of the pub came down.

The Musketeer stood outside the burning building. The fearless leader rose his sword up to the sky.

"My name is Francois!"


Winner: Musketeer!

Who/What/Where/How: Again, because of the Musketeers armour and range of weapons, the Royal guard with Cheese was able to take down the Pirate.

Results of Sim later