Man Calls Police to Escape Oversexed Wife

January 27, 2011

The cliché that men are always in the mood and women always have a headache is not so true in Germany where a man has demanded police protect him from his sex-crazy wife.

The Turkish-born man has reportedly fled the family home in southwestern Germany and contacted local police after becoming fed up with his wife’s constant demands for sex.

The man told police all he wants is a decent night’s sleep. Police released a statement, saying, “At the moment this is impossible because he says his wife keeps coming into the living room demanding that he perform his marital duties. He asked for police help in getting some sleep at night.” The man has apparently spent the last four years sleeping on the couch to escape the intense sexual advances of his wife of 18 years and the mother of their two children.

The man told police he plans on seeking a divorce and moving out of the marital home (and bed) “in the hope of finally getting some rest” and being able to “arrive at work well rested.”

This guy has a "problem" most men would be happy to have.

Photo: Vincent Besnault/Stone/Getty Images