Topless Blondes Make Teen Stick it Up

October 1, 2008

A Florida teenager is claiming he was attacked and robbed by four topless blonde women while travelling to work. More details after the jump!

18 year-old Olmer Morales was riding his bicycle to work when a heavyset woman stopped him by grabbing his bicycle’s handlebars. According to reports, “four thin blonde women then emerged wearing overalls with no shirts or bras and surrounded him” and robbed him of $100. Local police searched the area and so far do not have any suspects. I suggest they try the local strip club.

This doesn’t sound like a crime at all. Many a man has paid much more for much less. Heck, if he paid to go to a strip club he’d be lucky to see that much topless action for less.

Sexy thieves are not a bad thing. They are actually great. Check out this video of a sexy Italian thief making out with a guy to avoid capture.


Source: Ananova