Round 3 Match 1: Alexander the Great vs Ming Warrior

January 18, 2011

The undefeated Macedonian General faces off against China's most prominent gunpowder innovators.


Alexander the Great:

Short Range- Kopis

Mid Range- Xyston

Long Range- Gastrophetes

Special- Ballista

Armor- Bronze Cuirass and Helmet, Medium size Bronze Shield

Tactics- Adapt to the Situation

Ming Warrior:

Short Range- Dao

Mid Range- 3 Barrel Pole Gun

Long Range- Nest of Bees

Special- Mechanical Landmine

Armor- Leather with metal studs and Iron Helmet

Tactics- Art of War (loosely)


Short Range- Dao vs Kopis

The Dao is a good sized sword used in combination with the Ming Warriors martial arts to become a great weapon. It will not be able to get through Alexander's bronze armor, but he has enough open areas for this to be a formidable weapon. The Kopis is a great hacking sword that is used behind Alexander's bronze shield to a great degree. It's stabbing power is good enough to get through the leather of the Ming, but the metal studs will certainly slow it down. The Kopis is also considerably shorter than the Dao, meaning Alexander is relying completely on his defensive capabilities in order to get in close enough to use the weapon. The Dao can slash at Alexander's exposed legs and arms, but Alexander was fast on his feet because of his light armor and shield, so he could block these. All in all, both are great weapons, and the fact that the Dao is fast and long, while the Kopis is shorter but used with a shield, makes this even.

Edge- Even

Mid Range- Xyston vs Nest of Bees

The Xyston is a giant spear designed to be useed from horseback, but because the is no horse it becomes bulky and slow, not to mention nearly defenseless. The Xyston could get through the Ming's leather armor, but it would also be stopped if it hit a metal stud (though not nearly to the extent of the Kopis.) The Nest of Bees WAS originally featured as a long range weapon in DW, but that is because of the squad format it was in making it a potential multi kill weapon if used from a distance. However, in a one on one fight any smart person who has used the weapon before would be trying to hit as many arrows in the one person as possible, meaning he would wait longer to use it. If used from a distance of 25 yards, multiple arrows are certain to hit Alex, and while they wouldn't pierce the bronze, if multiple arrows hit his legs and arms he's disabled, allowing for an easy kill thereafter. The Nest of Bees takes the Edge for it's extra range and disabling hits.

Edge- Nest of Bees

Long Range- Gastrophetes vs 3 Barrel Pole Gun

The 3 Barrel Pole gun is changed to a long range weapon for two reasons. Firstly, because the Nest of Bees is now Mid Range. Secondly, it's a heavy damn weapon, and if I were the Ming I'd be itching to drop that thing considering all of the other equipment he's got, so he'd use it first. It accuracy is quite low, but it can pierce Alexander's bronze cuirass, making it's three shots all potential kills. The Gastrophetes is also an unweildy weapon, possibly even moreso than the 3 barrel pole gun. It's accuracy is better than the 3 barrel pole gun, but it's hindered by a large reload time, while the 3 barrel pole gun can get off three quick shots when it's within range. The gastrophetes has the longer range, but it is hindered by it's reload time, weight, the Mings armor (metal studs) and its possibility of misfire (which isn't a real problem with the pole gun because it's got another two shots ready to go) So the 3 Barrel Pole gun gets the Edge

Edge- 3 Barrel Pole Gun

Special Weapons- Mechanical Landmine vs Ballista

The Ballista would have no problem punching through the metal studs on the Ming's armor, so if it hits, it's going to hit hard. The problem is that it's completely immobile, and not as accurate as it would need to be to overcome it's huge reload time and immovability(real word?) The Mechanical landmine relies on a stupid warrior to come along and see a weapon sticking out of the ground as a regular thing. Alexander isn't stupid, so this wouldn't work very often, maybe only if Alexander ran out of useable weapons and he was being chased by the Ming with a Dao. Both are pretty bad weapons, but the Ballista gains a SLIGHT edge because it has a better chance to kill the Ming than the landmine has to kill the Alexander.

Edge- Ballista

Armor- Bronze Cuirass and helmet with Small bronze shield vs Leather with Metal studs and Iron Helmet

Both of these warriors had light armor for their time so they sould stay mobile. The Mings wore armor on their torso and limbs though, while Alexander only wore a cuirass and helmet. His shield makes up for this though, and his bronze armor is more reliable than the leather with metal studs, which can be pierced in between the studs, so Alexander gets the Edge in Armor

Edge- Alexander

Tactics- Adapt to situation vs Art of War

Both are great, and maybe if there was any mention of Ming tactics anywhere I could get an accurate representation of what the hell they actually did, so it's still going to be based off of the Art of War, which is still pretty good. However Alexander's tactics were proven against a huge range of different enemies to be effective, and I see no reason that he couldn't find some way to help his chances against the Ming. Because of that, and the fact the Sparta has me at gunpoint, Alexander gets the Edge.

Edge- Alexander

Martial Arts- Pankration vs Shaolin/Wu Dang

I figure that since both are proficient in very different yet effecient martial arts they were worth mentioning. Pankration is basically a blend of boxing and wrestling, but with no rules. Kinda like if professional wrestling was real, and the people fighting were good at fighting. Shaolin and Wu Dang are both styles of Kung Fu, so they both emphasize on striking and throwing. I can't really decide which is better on a purely unarmed basis, but because the Ming use their martial arts techniques with their Dao sword, they get a slight edge.

Edge- Ming

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*NOTE- This got out of hand quickly, and because the victor is quite obvious at this point, I kinda went crazy with this one. You may or may not find it entertaining, give some feedback if you must.

Alexander feasted on the elk meat that Wallace had killed earlier. It was a little burnt, but he wasn't going to complain over a free meal. His weapons had been replaced by a passing blacksmith earlier and his wounds were healed by a passing doctor earlier. He also got some paintings from a passing artisian, and some building materials from a passing architect, so he built himself a house and hung the paintings up while eating the Elk meat. He was now inside his house and sitting in a chair reading a book he got from a passing librarian.

The Ming Warrior rubbed some demberries on his leg to heal it immidiately and moved through the forest, looking for someone else to kill. He found some new weapons on top of a rock and moved along without questioning it at all. He moved along until he saw a beautiful contemporary house made of stone in the middle of a random field. Intrigued, he moved around the side of the house to check for inhabitants.

Alexander was sitting in his chair facing the door when it opened. The Ming Warrior burst in holding his Dao when he saw Alexander sitting there, looking at him. "I've been expecting you." Alexander said to the Ming, who was startled by this. " I know that you've been sent here to kill me, and I'm here to tell you that I'm not going without a fight."

He stood up and grabbed his Kopis. The Ming readied himself for a fight, when suddenly Alexander cut a rope behind him and grabbed onto it. The rope took him up to the roof of his house, while a box came down on the other side of the rope and smashed onto the floor. The Ming opened up the box and it contained a dwarf with a battle axe, who swung his axe at the Ming's neck. The Ming jumped back and ran out the door of the house, scared because of the small person. Alexander stood on the roof with his gastrophetes ready as the Ming ran outside. He launched the bolt at the Ming, narrowly missing him. The Ming looked up and saw Alexander on the roof, but focused his attention on the angry dwarf coming out of the house now.

The dwarf swung at the Ming's legs, but the Ming jumped over the swing and stabbed the Dwarf in the neck. Right when he did, 5 more dwarfs scuttled out from under the house and charged at the Ming. He took out his nest of bees and lit the fuse, standing his ground as the dwarves approached. Right before the dwarves were in range to kill the Ming, the nest went off, filling each of them with multiple arrows and killing all five in one shot.

Alexander saw this and was angered, as the passing dwarf salesman said that those were the best dwarves money could buy. He threw his xyston off the side of the house and grabbed his shield and Kopis. He slid down the pole on the side of the house and grabbed his xyston.

The Ming ran around the side of the house and saw Alexander holding the giant spear. He readied his 3 Barrel Pole Gun and took a shot at Alexander, but the shot went wide. Alexander charged with his Xyston as the Ming readied his second shot. Alexander batted the 3 barrel pole gun to the side right as the Ming fired it, hitting him in the arm. He dropped his Xyston but still charged at the Ming. Alexander tried to tackle the Ming, who kicked him in the stomach as he went down. He tried to break the Ming's neck, but the Ming bashed his ears, causing him to be disoriented. The Ming got up and took out his Dao. He tried to hit Alexander in the neck, but it was blocked by Alexander's Kopis. He got to his knees and stabbed at the Ming's stomach, hitting one of the rivets in the leather and gliding off. The Ming kicked Alexander's Kopis out of his hand and stabbed him through his neck.

Alexander got up and removed the Dao from his neck. He swung it at the Ming, who blocked it with his helmet. The Ming stepped back and looked at Alexander as he stumbled over to him clumsily. He could see straight through the gaping hole in his neck. His eyes didn't look right and his skin grew pale as the sun set over the hills. He ran over to where Alexander dropped his Xyston and picked it up. He stabbed Alexander in the shoulder, but he walked through it unphased. The Ming then stabbed Alexander in the forehead, finally bringing him down. The Ming was chilled by the sight of Alexander and he left his Dao in Alexander's dead hands as he ran away into the forest.

Winner: Ming Warrior

Ending Assessment:

He was much better equipped than Alexander, and was a skilled fighter on top of that.

Final Results

Ming Warrior- 874 Kills

Dao- 268 Kills- Got many kills while Alexander was disabled due to the Nest of Bees

Nest of Bees- 151 Kills- Got some kills when the arrows hit Alexanders neck or head, but really helped by disabling him many many times.

3 Barrel Pole Gun-435 Kills- The Armor piercing abilities and the fact that it has three quick shots to get off overcame the low accuracy of this weapon to score the most kills of any weapon.

Mechanical Landmine- 30 Kills Alexander rarely fell for this, but when he did he was very dead.

Alexander the Great- 126 Kills

Kopis- 42 Kills- The short range but ability to be used with the shield (which I forgot to mention could deflect bullets) helped get this weapon some kills

Xyston- 25 Kills- Longer range than the Kopis, but no shield means he's wide open.

Gastrophetes- 56 Kills- Range of this weapon made it the best in Alexander's arsenal, as the closer he got the more bullets and arrows he got in him.

Ballista- 3 Kills- Unmoveable, Ming has to line up within the sights perfectly for it to work.