Listen to the 911 Call When Pet Chimp Rampages

February 18, 2009

Sandra Herold, age 70, had a pet chimp that had starred in commercials, could drink wine from a glass, dress itself, and use the toilet like a human.  Then, she supposedly gave it some Xanax (which she now denies giving him).  Five minutes later, the chimpanzee went nuts and started mauling her friend. 

Herold’s friend, Charla Nash, 55, was attacked by the chimp.  Regarding the attack, this is what Herold screamed into the phone: “Please hurry up, he’s killing my girlfriend…he ripped her face off.”


This was not an exaggeration.  The police said about this woman on arriving, "We've got to get this guy out of here. He's got no face." 

Herold tried to fight the chimp off by stabbing it with an 8-inch butcher knife and hitting it with a shovel.  This didn’t stop the chimp, and it continued to maul Nash, who is now in critical condition.

Police arrived on the scene about 9 minutes after the call was placed, and shot the chimp several times in the torso at point blank range.  After this, the chimp ran away.  The police followed the blood trail to the chimp’s living quarters where it had died. 

Source: Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images