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Kelly Brook is the Ultimate Playboy Babe

by girls   August 11, 2010 at 3:10PM  |  Views: 1,819

Kelly Brook’s Playboy spread is only days away from hitting newsstands and if the sneak peek pictures are anything to go by, it’s going to change the world. See them after the jump.

The British model appears in her birthday suit in an eight-page nude pictorial in the September issue of the iconic men’s magazine. Brook appears on the cover looking like a Playboy bunny of the 1960s and 70s. She wears a bowler hat, bow tie, cuffs, and black lacy underwear, while clutching a black umbrella which seductively covers her amazing DD breasts but still manages to show maximum cleavage.

Strangely, Brook says she was nervous about the shoot which was shot by Ellen von Unwerth. She told the magazine, "I was a little self-conscious about the shoot because I look at the other girls in the magazine and they're just so perfect. I'm not 20 anymore. My boobs are real, and they even hang a little." That is precisely what makes her so hot.

The all-natural model may not be a household name in the states, however that could all change thanks to her starring role in Piranha 3D, where she also appears nude. Brook says she was cast in the film almost by accident after a chance encounter with the film’s director at a restaurant. She tells Playboy, "I was minding my own business, really, and then all of a sudden Hollywood approached me. I was eating fish and chips at a cafe because I was feeling a bit homesick [and Alexandre Aja spotted me and] sent a woman over so it would seem less creepy. They had no idea who I was, and I was quite flattered when they asked if I'd be interested in reading for a part [for the film]." Brook got the role and the rest is history.

Source: Playboy