Zande vs Persian Immortal

December 28, 2010

 A Persian Immortal, the Persian Elites who constructed one of the largest armires in the work fights a Zande Warrior, the African Warriors who struck fear in all their enemies with their Exotic Iron weapons of death. It will be a fight to the Death to see who is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!


The Persian Immortal fights with:

Short Range: Sagaris Battle Axe

Medium Range: Spear

Long Range: Bow and Arrow

Special Weapon (varied range): Chariot Scythe

Armor: Bronze/Iron Scales, Wicker Shield 

Stragety: Choriagraphed Killing

The Zande Fights back with:

Short Range: Makraka Curved Knife

Medium Range: Makrigga Spear

Long Range: Kpinga

Special Weapon: Botto and Pima (A.K.A poisoned Bow and Arrow)

Armor: Wicker Shield, Headpeice

Stragety: Ambush and Kill Everything

Sagaris Axe vs Makraka Knife EDGE: Sagaris

The Sagaris has more versitility then then the Makraka, and is longer.

Persian Spear vs Makrigga EDGE: Persian Spear

The Spear of the Immortal has more versitility and if the Makrigga goes though the Whicker Shield, it will get Stuck which makes the Zande open for an attack from the club or Spear.

Bow and Arrow vs Kpinga EDGE: Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrow can shoot further, BUT...the Kpinga can be used as a close range weapon so the Kpinga wont be so far from getting as many kills.

Chariot Scythe vs Botto and Pima EDGE: Botto and Pima

The Chariot Scythe can only go the direction the Horse is going, and if the Driver gets killed, the Horses will stop. So the Botto and Pima has more versitility.

Choriagraphed Killing vs Ambush and Kill Everything EDGE: Ambush and Kill Everything

If the Zande can manage to ambush the Chariot from behind, he can kill at least one of the Chariot Riders, and the Zande has better instincts.

Bronze/Iron Scales, Wicker Shield vs Wicker Shield, Headpeice EDGE: Bronze/Iron Scales, Wicker Shield

The Scales can protect the Persian from the Makraka, Magrigga and possibly the Botto and Pima. And the Wicker Shield just makes it more better. Although the Kpinga may do quite some damage.


Short Range: Persian Immortal

Medium Range: Persian Immortal

Long Range: Persian Immortal

Special Weapon(varied range): Zande Warrior

Armor: Persian Immortal

Stragety: Zande Warrior


-It will be a 3 on 3 fight. 3 Zandes, 2 being warriors and one being a tribal leader and 2 Persians on a chariot and a General

-Area is same as where Persian/Celt fought but there will be a forest as well.

The Persians are going though a trail slowly, while the Persian General, in front of the Chariot, holding a Sagaris. One soilder on the Chariot is riding while the other one is holding a Bow and Arrow. The 3 Zandes in a forest are watching. 2 of the 3 Zandes run behind the Chariot unseen while the leader appears in front of the Persians. The Bow Wielding Persian gets his bow ready.

Persian Immortals: 3 - Zandes: 3

In unison all the Zande's yell "NYUM NYUM, NYUM NYUM!" one of the Back Zandes fires a poisoned bow at the neck of the riding Persian. The Persian leader charges at the Zande Leader with his Sagaris, the Zande Leader running away, while the Persian with the bow fires an arrow at the Botto and Pima Zande, killing him.

Persian Immortals: 2 - Zandes: 2

The Zande grabs his Kpinga's (2), the Persian with the bow throws it away and has the horses charge at him. The Zande throws the Kpinga, which bounces off the Chariot. The Horses get closer as the Chariot does as well. The Zande jumps over the Scythes but breaks one of his legs. The Persian then stops the Chariot, grabs his Sagaris, ready to Kill the Zande. The Zande gets up with all his Strength and throws a Kpinga at him, which causes the Persian to fall over as well. Both get up in unison but the Immortal throws his Sagaris at him, killing him.

Persian Immortals: 2 - Zandes: 1

The Persian Leader ran out of breath. The Persian Leader commands his troop to go into the forest, claiming that he saw the Zande Leader run into the Forest. The Persian grabs his Sagaris and walks into the forest. The Persian is walking casually when the Zande Leader jumps out of a tree saying "NYUM NYUM, NYUM NYUM!" as he comes out with a Makrigga and thrusts it though the Persian, ripping out his internal organs.

Persian Immortals: 1 - Zandes: 1

The Zande Leader laughs as he looks to see the Immortal Leader looking around with his Sagaris and Wicker Shield. The Zande grabs a Kpinga and throws it at the Immortal Leader. He hears the WHOOSHing of the Kpinga at the last second as it bounces off the shield and hits the Immortal in the Shoulder. The Immortal Grunts as he sees the Zande Leader, charging with a makraka and makrigga. The Immortal runs to the Chariot and grabs the Bow and Arrow. He fires the Arrow, the Immortal dodging the Arrow. The Zande gets closer as the Immortal leader and grabs the Sagaris. The Zande Leader swings the Knife at the Immortal, the Immortal locks the Knife and throws it away. The Zande thrusts the Spear at the Immortal, who dodges it and breaks it, while flipping the Zande over. The Zande grabs his Makraka and runs toward the Immortal, who is running to the Chariot. He grabs a Persian Spear, knocks the Makraka away and stabs the Zande in the Heart. The Immortal General yells "PERSIA!" in victory as the Zande falls over and dies.

Persian Immortals: 1 - Zanders: 0



Assesment: (why he/she won)

The Persian Immortal won because his weaponry is more easier to use and his Scales/Wicker Shield almost stoped every weapon in the Zande Arsenal.



Spear: 392 Kills

Bow and Arrow: 211 Kills

Sagaris: 168 Kills

Chariot Scythe: 151 Kills

The Spears Versetility got 392 Kills, making it a Zande Killzone.

The Bow and Arrows Range and Arrows got 211 Kills.

The Sagaris's short range but good damage got 168 Kills.

The Chariot Scythe got 151 Kills.

Overall, the Zandes open body and weak wicker shield, not including the Persians Strong defenses easily ripped apart the Zande with 728 Kills, the Spear getting almost half of the Persian Immortal's Kills.



Kpinga: 129 Kills

Makrigga: 63 Kills

Makraka: 46 Kills

Botto and Pima: 34 Kills

The Kpinga's ability to go around Shields, its speed and deadly-ness got 129 kills, just not enough to pull the Zande though.

The Makrigga ripped out the Persians intestines 63 times.

The Makraka's short range but decapitating power got 46 kills.

The Botto and Pima's short range and its uselessness towards armor got 34 kills, even with Poison.

Overall, the weak armor and the non-effectuve weapons against the Persians armor made the Zande unable to defeat the Persian Immortal.


NEXT UP: The Knight, the European Battle Tank will fight a Spartan, the Fierce Greek Battle Tank.