Deadliest Warrior - Spartan vs Roman Centurion

July 19, 2010


Long Range: Scorpion vs Javelin: Scorpion due to longer reach and accuracy of the target, plus has a stronger hit with its bolts

Close Range:  Short Sword aka Xiphos vs Gladius: Draw Due to both weapons being similar in design and has the power for thrusting and hacking as well

Medium Range:  Spear vs Pilum: Spear Sue to its longer reach and power when hits to a ballistic gel torso

Special Weapon: Shield vs Dolabra: Shield due being a great defence and can be used as an offensive weapon as well. I just don’t see the Dolabra penetrating through it

Armor: Bronze vs Chainmail: Bronze due to being stronger and durable than the roman’s Chainmail


The Battle:

Within the forest, The Roman Centurion is loading his Scorpion with a giant bolt preparing for his foe to arrive.  Meanwhile the Spartan is roaming around the area looking for an enemy to kill for himself slowly carry his giant shield and spear while he thrust the javelin to the ground. The centurion Spots the Spartan and yelled at his foe to stop and surrender. The Spartan replies back with a mighty yell against the centurion. The Roman Centurion aimed the scorpion to the running Spartan and fired at him accurately. The huge bolt hits the shield, but doesn’t injure the Spartan warrior and removes the bolt from his shield. The centurion prepares to reload another shot again, but the Spartan threw his spear and distracts the centurion in fear and runs away. He quickly picks up his Pilum from the tree and prepares for his foe. The Spartan retrieves his Spear and attacks the centurion.

The two warriors clashed with their weapons with the Spartan knitting the left arm of the centurion and replies back with a yell of pain. The centurion uses his Pilum and shield combination to thwart the charging Spartan but to no avail. The pilum simply can’t penetrate the huge shield of his foe and felt its powerful blow from the enemy. The centurion quickly gets up and runs away to a safe position and prepares to throw his Pilum. Once the Spartan is on range, he threw the pilum straight to the Spartan gashing his right forearm only. The centurion finds his dolabra and attacks with it by using it against the shield. But the centurion was knocked on his bum again with other blow by the shield, ultimately gets back up and swings the dolabra with a mighty blow splitting the spear in half. The centurion runs away before he can receive another Knockout shot from the Spartan shield. The Spartan returns in order to retrieve his javelin from which he left it embedded in the soil.


He quickly searches for the Roman centurion in the forest and stays alert in sight for him. Meanwhile, the centurion still runs away in order to think of a strategy to kill his stronger foe.  The Spartan quickly runs around to find him but to no avail. The centurion spots him turned his back for the kill, the centurion said to himself that he is vulnerable in the back this is the perfect time to exploit his main weakness. The centurion yelled as loud as he could and attacks the Spartan head on, The Spartan threw his Javelin towards the charging centurion. The Centurion uses his shield to prevent the Javelin from killing him. The Spartan draws his Xiphos and quickly moves towards the centurion, The two warriors clashed again. The centurion receives another blow from the shield disarming him with the Dolabra and drew his Gladius and attacks with no fear or regrets. The two finally clashed with their short swords hoping to kill each other.

The battle intensifies when the two warriors fight near an edge cliff. The Spartan is driving the roman centurion to the cliff with blows from his shield and Xiphos Short Sword. The Roman Centurion doesn’t seem intimidated with his foe and continues to clash swords with him. The Centurion Knitts the Spartan’s arm once again and received another Shield blow as a result. The Centurion continues his onslaught with his Gladius short sword but still can’t get past the ultimate defence of the Spartan which is the Shield. The Spartan knocks the Centurion’s Shield and Thrust his own Xiphos to the Centurion’s chest penetrating his chainmail armor. The centurion’s mouth Drips with blood and straight to the ground, He awaits his own death due to the large sword wound he receives from his enemy. He was hit with the giant shield again for the last time sending him below the high cliff. He yelled as he falls to the ground. When the centurion hits the bottom of the cliff and breaks his neck and spine killing him instantly.  The Spartan Yells SPARTA!!!! And takes the roman Gladius as a Souvenir from his fallen foe.


Javelin: 30

Xiphos: 136

Spear: 213

Shield:  70



Roman Centurion:

Scorpion:  15

Gladius: 118

Pilum:  114

Dolabra: 120



The Spartan wins due to his experience in one on one combat kills and superior bronze armor along with his weaponry. The match is also very close due to the effectiveness of the Centurion’s weaponry against the Spartan.