Did Hackers Uncover New DLC Modes in Modern Warfare 2?

November 20, 2009

Some Modern Warfare 2 PC "enthusiasts" have apparently uncovered some new multiplayer modes buried in the source code for the game, presumably to be unlocked via a DLC purchase. The leet-speak-gone-wrong grammar utilized by these guys makes their case slightly less plausible, but the video kind of speaks for itself.

They've apparently discovered three different game types: VIP (one person on a team plays as the VIP, while the other team must kill that player before he's lead to safety), Capture the Flag (with one flag fought over by both teams), and Global Thermonuclear War, in which a nuke must be captured, and once it is, it detonates, ending the round.

The video creators make the claim that all the software is built into the game already, and that this is a blatant cash-grab by Infinity Ward. However, we seriously doubt this is the first time DLC has come built into a game at launch.



Source: Activision