Erin Andrews is the Spartacus of Reality Dancing Shows

April 20, 2010

Despite receiving repeated death threats from a man who wants to “show her his suicide vest,” ESPN starlet (and occasional broadcaster) Erin Andrews told the hard-hitting reporters at People magazine that she refuses to quit Dancing with the Stars. After all, if she refuses to do the tango, the terrorists clearly win.

“I have a dance on Monday and I don’t want to let Maks down, I don’t want to let my family down, and I don’t want to let myself down,” Andrews said after a workout that featured "Eye of the Tiger" playing on loop.

Granted, every family is different, but isn’t the risk of seeing your child brutally murdered slightly worse than watching her take some time off of a reality show that openly promotes Kate Gosselin?

Apparently the Andrews family would rather watch her die in glory on the battlefield dance floor than live as a coward for the next few days until authorities arrest the lunatic stalking her.

(On a side note, does anybody know if there’s usually a murder-related plot twist on Dancing with the Stars, or is this a relatively unique story angle the producers are taking?)

Photo: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images