Former NBA Star Should Probably Consider Getting Arrested Less Often

April 14, 2010

What does one of the most respected criminals in the NBA pension program do in order to separate himself from the part-time degenerates who just don't show his passion for depravity? How bout collecting three separate felony charges over five days. (And yes, one of them was for child kidnapping.)

Isaiah Rider, an athletic outlaw with a heart of gold, decided to take his delightful brand of delinquency to the Phoenix area. You know, because if there’s one place to go on a crime spree, it’s a state that’s known for elderly abuse and yogurt shops.

Curious about what he did? Here's an easy break down of his trifecta:

1) During an argument with his fiancée (possibly about universal healthcare), Rider reportedly pulled the love of his life out of a car and threw her to the ground.

2) In order to flee the scene, Rider took a $150 cab ride, but decided that paying for the lift wasn’t really “his style.”

3) Rider was pulled over by police for erratic driving. When cops looked inside his Escalade, there were three children in the back. (Spoiler alert: he didn't have custody over any of them.)

This aversion to the law is yet another feather in the cap of a guy who already has both kidnapping and drug charges on his list of offseason accomplishments.

And they say the NBA has character issues. (They have tons of character… it just so happens that most of it involved a jury of 12 peers evaluating it.)

Photo:Blend Imagesl/Getty Images

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