Top Shelf Tuesday - September 14

September 12, 2010

Tuesday is almost here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we toss out the putrid junk and hand you the stinkiest of the skunk.

Source: Bungie/Microsoft Game Studios



It’s finally here, fraggers. Halo: Reach is the new first-person shooter from one of the most popular video game franchises on the planet (and/or universe). As a prequel to the first Halo,  Reach takes place in the year 2552 on planet Reach, where humanity is knee-deep in a war with the alien Covenant. Players control spartan Noble 6 (no, not Master Chief), a member of an elite supersoldier squad trying to defend an Earthlike colony that serves as the UNSC's main military hub. Halo: Reach features crazy deep multiplayer via Xbox Live, System Link, and split screen for those old school nights. The new game also has loadouts that let users pick a predefined choice of weaponry at spawn, new armor abilities, tons of new vehicles and weapons...people, this game is jam packed with ways to play. Sure to be one of the hottest games of the holidays, get in early or get your ass kicked later. Head on over to for their full review of the game, or tune in Monday at 3PM or 6PM Pacific to see the first hour of the campaign played live a day before it's released.


Source: Disney

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is the fantasy film based on the third-person action-adventure game. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan, Gemma Arterton as Princess Tamina, and Ben Kingsley as Nizam, Prince of Persia tells the story of a young fugitive prince and princess who must stop a villain who unknowingly threatens to destroy the world with a special dagger that enables the magic sand inside to reverse time. The DVD and three-disc Blu-ray combo-pack have a ton of behind-the-scenes footage with the cast and crew as well as the making of the film.



Source: Warner Bros./Getty Images

A Thousand Suns is the fourth studio LP by alt-rockers Linkin Park. The album was co-produced by Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin, who previously worked together to put together 2007’s Minutes to Midnight. With solid singles like "Waiting for the End" and "The Catalyst" already making the rounds, A Thousand Suns might be a great choice for new fans to the group as well as old school supporters.

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