Science Says Women Who Wear Less Live Longer

August 2, 2011
Ladies, are you feeling rundown and tired all the time? Do you worry about the long term effects of your health? Do you want to live longer lives? Then you might want to start removing your clothing.

A new study published in the Royal Journal of Social Anthropology finds that women who wear less clothes live an average of 20 years longer than those who constantly cover up what the good Lord gave
them. Couple this with a daily exercise regime of jumping jacks and trampolines and, and...and I just forgot what I was talking about.

The science behind the 10-year study has developed several theories to this phenomenon. For instance, most clothes have retained chemical residues from constant cleaning that can seep into the skin and develop "life-shortening cancers."

Another suggests that more exposed skin allows better exposure to natural elements that increase healthy lifestyles such as wind and sunlight.

Probably the most popular theory suggests that the more scantily clad females are more likely to get married and have greater frequency and quality in their sex lives, which in and of itself is a "life-enhancer." And I'm  sure for guys, that makes them healthier since it produces healthier sleep patterns.

Photo: Hisayoshi Osawa/Riser/Getty Images