Komodo Dragon Mauls Man to Death

March 25, 2009

It’s been years since a Komodo Dragon has brought down an adult male.  That is, it had been years until yesterday. 

On an Eastern Indonesian island, Muhamad Anwar, 31, was picking sugar apples and fell out of a tree.  There, on the ground, two Komodo dragons tore him to pieces.  And, more terrifyingly, his neighbor Theresia Tawa said they’d been circling the tree waiting for him to fall. 

Wait, no.  This is the most terrifying part.  Even if Muhamad Anwar hadn’t been slain by their razor-sharp claws and serrated teeth, he’d probably be dead anyway because their saliva is home to so much bacteria that even a single bite can kill a man from the infection it causes.

Source: Michael Dunning/Getty Images