Sammy Sosa Pays Homage to Michael Jackson by Becoming White and Creepy

November 9, 2009

After a tumultuous career filled with big hits, exciting plays, and the occasional trip to testify in front of Congress, Sammy Sosa has decided to begin his post-baseball career by giving a delightfully creepy nod to the fallen King of Pop.

Sosa, who will always be remembered for his great "Scumbag Off" with Mark McGwire in 1998, crawled out from under the rock he’s been hiding under to attend a recent charity event sporting a stylish vinyl suit he borrowed from the set of Goodfellas and an altered skin tone that may finally answer the question “Was Michael Jackson’s white complexion the result of severe steroid abuse?”

A rep from the Chicago Cubs explained that "He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin, but was surprised he came out looking so white."

Seems like a valid explanation from a guy who is currently being investigated for various counts of perjury.

Source: Brian Bahr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images, Robyn Beck/Getty Images