The Google Phone is Real

December 14, 2009

After years of speculation, this weekend, in light of a torrent of posts online from Google employees who'd recently been given prototype mobile devices, Google has finally spoken out about the long-rumored Google branded mobile phone.

One employee tweeted that the new device was "Like an iPhone on beautifying steroids." Running Google's own Android 2.1 OS, the device is rumored to be developed by HTC and is called the Nexus One. We've also learned that, at least initially, Google will be selling the device, unlocked, directly to consumers online.

That means no subsidy, which in turn means a high sticker price.

Rumors about the hardware include a "crazy-fast" Snapdragon chipset, a huge OLED screen, and a custom-tailored version of Android unlike anything currently on the market.

Additional details are still sketchy, but as soon as we have 'em, you'll have 'em.