Mantenna - Friday, April 3

April 3, 2009

A massive worm is slowly taking over the globe, Santana just wants a 'lil green, and 3D movies hang in the balance. It's the Mantenna!


Demi Moore Saves a Life with Twitter

Demi Moore helped save a woman’s life using Twitter. The actress was in the south of France when she received a tweet from a woman who said she was going to take her own life. The woman, known by the username Sandieguy, wrote "Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn't waste time” and followed up with “gbye ... gonna kill myself now.” Moore responded with a tweet saying, “I hope you are joking.” Twitter followers who saw the message tracked it to a San Jose, California home and contacted police. The police intervened and took a 48 year-old woman into custody for a psychological evaluation. [CNN]

Paris Hilton Goes Futuristic

Paris Hilton was recently spotted in Santa Monica, California looking like a futuristic mess. The celebutant was photographed wearing a pair of strange mirrored Star Trek style sunglasses and a bizarre multi-strapped leather bikini. The platinum blonde, who has been accused of copying the style of Lady Gaga, was wearing the weird outfit for a photo shoot. In other Hilton news, Paris’ younger brother Baron has announced he intends to launch a music career. [Hollywood Tuna]

‘Sexting’ Investigation Brands Vice Principal Child Pornographer

The phenomenon known as ‘sexting’ is when people take naked pictures of themselves using their cell phone cameras and then send them to each other.  So, that’s pretty awesome.  However, it gets less awesome when you’re the high school vice principal that is charged with investigating it.  Then, when you’ve got the confiscated cell phones, you become charged as a child pornographer.  Oops.  [Wired]

Lil Wayne's Label Sues DJ Drama


Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne's label, has filed a lawsuit against a number of mixtape DJs and distribution companies, including DJ Drama, Wayne's longtime collaborator on his Dedication series. According to MTV, Cash Money is suing a slew of companies for illegally selling Lil Wayne's music. Court documents named Drama's company Aphilliates Music Group as one of the defendants in the lawsuit. The others include, BDC Music Group, Inc; Deep Distribution World Wide Inc., Tyree C. Simmons, Cinque Productions Inc., Makin Moves Entertainment, and Frank Nino. [MTV]

Regal vs. Fox: 3D Is the Prize

Regal Cinemas, after outfitting lots of their theaters for digital 3D, was told by Fox that they’d be footing the bill for the glasses necessary to watch new 3D movies in 3D. Regal responded thus: up yours. This could go one of two ways: Fox has to bend over and apologize for their presumptuousness, or Regal’s competitors – like Cinemark and AMC – take advantage of the situation and get the jump on the 3D revolution. One way or another, the sh*t is going down, and someone’s getting left in the dust. [Cinematical]

Carlos Santana Wants Obama to Legalize Pot

Barack Obama dismissed a question about legalizing marijuana in his online town hall last month, but Carlos Santana recently said that he wishes Mr. Obama would seriously consider it. Carlos stated: "Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education, you will see a transformation in America." The guy has got a point. [Huffington Post]

Conficker Virus Quietly Gains Strength

The Conficker virus is a worm that has been quietly squiggling its way into networks utilizing a common loophole in networks called the “buffer overrun.”  Without getting too techy on you, basically this virus has infected a lot of networks already and when it does, it gives hackers the ability to control said network.  The scary part is that it’s getting stronger (by a factor of 200) and hasn’t been instructed to do anything yet.  By all accounts, we’ll all be dead by Labor Day. [Gizmodo]

Steve Saleen is A Real Car Guy


Image: Autoblog

After having the company that bears his name snatched out from underneath him in 2007, Steve Saleen set out to start another car modding company, SMS. In the meantime, Saleen Inc went completely down the tubes, and the owners decided to provide a large middle finger to the entire Saleen fanbase by not honoring any warranties on the cars, which can be upwards of $50,000 when new. Apparently there's still one or two people left in the auto industry who have a conscience, as Steve Saleen has stepped in to honor warrantees for a company he hasn't had a stake in since 2007. Wonder which brand those people are going to be loyal to now? Hat tip, Mr. Saleen. [Autoblog]

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