RetroforceGIVE! Mega Charity Auction for Classic Games

March 20, 2009

The RetroforceGIVE! team is partnering with the charity foundation Child’s Play to bring you a drool-worthy list of classic gaming items up for auction on eBay.  Just tell your girlfriend it’s for the kids. 

You won’t be lying, either.  The RetroforceGIVE! auction is one of the biggest and best collections of retro gaming items I’ve ever seen.  Dozens of people from around the country have chipped in for the worthwhile cause, which includes scores of classics:

  • Over 750 retro collectible video games
  • 10 classic video game systems
  • Joysticks, posters, artwork, and classic video game memorabilia

You can go here for the main auction, which ends March 29th.

Or, you can check out one of the smaller auctions:

Castlevania Symphony of the Night and PSX Alien Hominid

Shining Force 3 Sega Saturn Game (mint condition!)

Duke Nukem 2, Doom 2, and a few King's Quests and Crusaders

Fallout 3 vault boy and Lunar Ghaleon Puppet

Source: RetroforceGIVE!